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  1. I've fancied a Vito but I thought they looked too small?
  2. Can anybody enlighten me as to a van that seats 3 in the front, will accommmodate 2/3 extra seats in the back or has crew-cab and will take 3+ bikes in the back, without going as big as the obvious LWB Sprinter/Iveco. My mate's got a Vauxhall Vivaro and it goes like a car, this is what i would ideally go for but it's not quite big enough. I need to park on my drive, and also dont fancy a big clumsy thing that gets stuck easily and 5's the car park before i even get my bike out. Cheers
  3. Thanks motofire. I'd heard about the long distances but i was not sure how popular the sport was over there. I usually travel around 1/2 an hour, but sometimes 1-2 hours to a trial.
  4. Hey, you've got me wrong! I almost posted -"It seems strange that there might not be riders of the highest standard in a nation which excels in most sports. It appears to me that your talent is nurtured, inpired and rewarded to the highest degree, whilst in many sports our system seems to encourage mediocrity." - But I thought that was a bit harsh on us in the context of trials as this country obviously produces top riders. So you see it was a genuine question. I didn't mean to upset anybody, and there is no need to prove anything to me with witty comments and impressive language, as far as I'm concerned we should have the inferiority complex!
  5. I have been wondering why there doesn't seem to be any US riders at WTC level. Do they compete in a different series? It seems strange that there might not be US riders of the highest standard given the opportunities and support that must be available over there. Which is the case? The reason for my interest is that I plan to escape the land of bad food worse weather, when I make it big!
  6. I got rid of a Gas Gas and bought a 270 Beta about 3 months ago, personally I wouldn't go back to a Gasser if you paid me. The Beta grips for fun and goes where you point it. The front end of my gasser would bounce me everywhere in rocky streams etc, the lively handling is not always a good thing. I can feel the weight difference but it doesn't seem to affect my riding, I have had some trouble with the carb' but seems to be sorted quite easily. The biggest differences for me are that my airbox doesn't fill with mud at every trial anymore, the only thing I find in there now is the odd small leaf, and that if I do have any problems with the bike they are a pleasure to fix because everything is engineered rather than stuck together, so comes off and goes back properly without threading or rounding off. Ive also had Novogars but have just got sidis and they are 10 times better, no coming un-done and they feel twice as thick and protective, that does take some getting used to though.
  7. My son has an 05 rev50 which we bought in brand new condition almost unused. I have tried all the usual, hotter plug, leaner fuel, even adjusted needle valve etc but can't seem to stop it dying. It's not all the time but can happen a lot some days and not much on others. Yet another Beta carb' problem???
  8. It seems the dealers aren't as efficient as they said so i haven't got my rev3 yet, just hope i enjoy the change over as you have! How would you say it differs the most? Suppose i'll know soon enough but as i've missed a 4 day weekend of trials waiting is doing my head in!
  9. Fruit, that's exactly what i was after, should help a lot cheers!
  10. I feel that a systematic approach is easiest to do if you start at one end of the spectrum and work your way to the other end. The less rebound dampening you have, the easier it is going to be to hop, and harder to control on rocks and logs plus cause traction problems. So, you might want to start with as little dampening as possible and move up from there. But first you will want to set the preload to where you want it, then make the rebound adjustments. How do i know when the preload is right though?
  11. I can manage the front no problem, but the back end, in a section, where you've got no momentum, is another story! And yes you can ride even most expert sections without the need for this but just sometimes it can make life a whole lot easier if you can do it without any room for setting up. And with regards to my sense of rythm and timing, it's second to none (my girlfriend told me)! And i must caution you that those who attempt to cast doubt on my prowess will find themself challenged to a dance-off in my local. So even with rythm to make Hugh Heffner blush, i struggle to move the back end around without a good bit of forward momentum to help get it up, surely some rebound can help? Someone must know how to use it?
  12. Does anyone know the proper way to go about setting up the suspension on my new Rev3 when it arrives? It seems to be a myserious art which nobody is sure about and i'm not convinced with the mess with it til its right theory. All the shop can really tell me is that they just ride 'em standard and they're superb! But i'm not havin it that these hoppin skippin 9 stone teenagers are bouncing their bike around effortlessly without some help from the correct rebound settings, as i've been told by some of their dads. It's obviously not rocket science but there must be a systematic approach to getting it just how you want it and if everyone rides them standard why bother making them adjustable? I'm hoping this is the missing link to take my riding to the next level (and keep Toni off my throne) so please tell me where i'm going wrong.
  13. I definately agree with Betarev3 about the 4rt suspension, I have only ridden one for a couple of minutes and you can tell instantly that it is perfect but i'm not totally convinced that i want one yet and my bank balance wont run to that at the moment anyway. I have been on one Sherco but the power delivery was so soft that it felt like i had to rev it a few seconds before i was ready for the power to come in and i found myself crashing into rocks instead of lifting the front wheel over them. The bars were probably too far back but the riding position felt horrible, like i wanted to sit down. So Beta seems to be the best option for me and if the extra weight at the front means i don't get thrown around like a rag doll in rocky streams etc' then i think it might be worth it. Just been on to the dealers and it seems i might have an 07 tomorrow. I was reading a post on here somewhere from a dealer in Scotland who recon's they've made so many changes any other manufacturer would call it a new model. Aswell as moving the footpegs back and shaving 1.5KG off it they've made the chassis narrower by 25mm or so at the front, i reckon that although the width is a physcological thing together with the other things it will be a vast improvement. Maybe I'll still be riding streams like an MX track after all? Anyway I'll be sure to let you know what i think after this weekend (if i get it).
  14. All the advice is great, cheers everyone. The main bad point sounds like the heavy front end but as they've shaved 1.5kg's off the 07 and moved the footpegs back it should be greatly improved, and as I score 0 out of 10 for maintainence bulletproof sounds good!
  15. I've been back into trials for about 3 years now and always had Gassers, but my Raga replica's a bit tired and i'm thinking of switching to a Beta. The main reason for this is the poor build quality, i'm just sick of allen screws which round off when any force is applied and my air box looks like a world class mud section after every trial. I love how my Gasser rides but just feel it's time for a change and i have nothing to compare it to except the twinshocks i rode years ago. I hear the Beta's are much more planted and stable over rough stuff, for me this is where Gasser is weakest and maybe another to reason to change. Can anyone offer advice?