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  1. Wes did a middle silencer that didnt need a rear, well back in 83-84 and i bought n used it as it was quiet n offer more performance.
  2. Mine was a ******* to start from cold. I cant remember the measurement but GasGas Uk Factory Kev told me to take carb off and adjust float level turning it upside down n measure float tips x mm from base. Also from cold choke on and dont touch throttle. All this fixed my problems. The idle gear tends to chip teeth and needs to be removed to inspect the inner side, sadly i didnt remove n spot the damage and it ruined the engine. I learnt how to strip it and rebuilt it a great cost. always check filler plug for small bits of metal and if you get a intermittent rattle that could be the idle gear. Air box are effective i know they fill up with crap but it dont get past the filter. Always check as i didnt n a mouse had made a home in it n ate part of the filter LOL!
  3. 1 i sealed the lid with grease as its water proof and did the job, also put a sponge in the bottom stop mud coming up through the flap if in muddy conditions. 2 Try a Beta on same year n you will be happy with Gasser. 3 Plastic bolts as said. 4 Kick starts are ok if used correctly. I had 2007 300 and didnt start it correctly or set carb up. After damaging kickstart paw n idle gear then case i sought advise and never had any issues. 5 Buy a Beta 99-2008 they are linkless with direct shock mounted. Your bike is 10 years old and given the nature of the sport it is expected components will fail. Bikes years ago were terrible compared to today`s bikes as i remember them been easier to work on but constantly having issues. My TY175 would have points or condenser issues then no brakes when i encountered water. The money is not in the sport for companies to do development to produce a perfect bike. Beta engine is the same from the 1994 with some changes.
  4. Looks rough so cant see a new piston lasting long. I had same issues but not as bad scoring and replaced piston n little end, it lasted 6 months so i cant see you fixing this with just a piston. Big end does move side wards and when its going sounds like loose spanner in your engine.
  5. I would never buy new starting out. Buy second hand and then you dont have to be worried about coming off and throwing it away whilst learning new skills. Learn about the bike and how to fix it. Once you have learned the basics you will know what you want as your own skills come out and favour a certain bike. 2t vs 4t then depends on rider and bike. My mate had 4RT one day then sold it as he hated it, 2 years later bought Beta 300 4t n loved it n found grip i couldnt on a GasGas 250. I then bought a GasGas 300 racing and found that way smoother and more grip than all the 250`s ive ever had.
  6. Martin Lampkin 1st world champion and also did a lot with the indoor trials. Also he produced Dougie
  7. I had same issues it would run like a tap. I have a Hebo Trial Zone light n vented, i didnt like it at first felt like i had no helmet on but love it now. Clothing matters as i had major rashes in 90`s due to crap trousers in wedding tackle area Try helmets as Airoh dont fit mei have a round head n they seem pointed. I would recommend the Trial Zone as you can remove and wash the liner which naturally will be better to keep clean n avoid the rash
  8. A true Yorkshire man with too much time on his hands
  9. In the pic you cant see any gold gas chamber to me
  10. I would certainly lock tight brake disc bolts ive had them come loose and destroyed my hub.
  11. I often reckon riders use to high a gear and end up fighting the bike with clutch. I use ATF Dextron II and have no issues on same bike. I ride mainly 1st for all sections and 2nd for hills 3rd for big stuff. Practise a section and then try it in 1st gear and you may be shocked how more control you have and what can be achieved in lower gears. I agree with adjusting lever over playing with thicker oils.
  12. I would have a stab a 1984 as thats a 1983 bike at a guess, also his gloves look like 84 era.
  13. X Light very prone to splitting as did my mates then mine, now we are both on X11. I think its not worth the risk on rocks for sake of a few grams unless you are an Expert. I could not tell if one was better as i think its mainly about the nobble edge and tyre pressure. IRC was the best tyre for me but as said no good on newer rims shame. Worst tyre VEE rubber entered Scott on one hard work came to mind.
  14. I had exactly same issue with a 300 and recked the kickstart and casing due to frantic kicking. Factor Kev at GasGas put me in the right direction and it was better. Removed the carb and adjusted the floats by tipping them upside down and measured floats from carb base, cant remember if it was 10mm or 5mm. Starting had to be from cold choke and no throttle. From warm no choke and some throttle. I think its due to lack of fuel from cold as i did the lay it down and flood it which sometimes worked.
  15. Its normal as long as its dull fine grey. Any shiney flakes maybe of concern. Its amazing how much you collect as i often just wipe the filler magnet of as a matter of course between oil changes.
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