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  1. Let me know if you would like to sell this and your asking price. Thank you, Tim-
  2. Hello Guys, We have been working on an event in Sept. It will be held in central California near Paso Robles. The idea is to have a vintage event on Saturday and a modern bike on Sunday. We will have a nice dinner on Saturday night. If it all works out, the event will be a points paying event for both SCTA and PITS as we are half way in between. We can see what it will take to make the Saturday vintage event part of a west coast ITSA points event if you all want it. I also have the idea of creating a point system for the vintage event where age of bike and rider will create a handicap and the points start there. (Just a thought to throw a twist in the vintage event) Anyway, how many twin shock guys would like to visit the Central coast and ride a fun (and different) event? One advantage is that we are doing all of the work so the nor cal and so cal club guys can all ride for a change. We would like to make this an annual event "The Beta Cup" Tim-
  3. I suggest everyone take a test ride on a new Beta Evo 250 or 300 4 stroke. Beta continues to develop the bike. It is light as can be, is as quiet as a lizard and is super easy to ride. You can also purchase the optional long range seat/tank combo that will get you a minimum 50 mile range (almost 2 gallons) Even if you are not in the market for a new bike, please ride your buddies Evo 4 stroke, I think you will be surprised. Enjoy your Beta!
  4. Our dealer site has dealers listed in 16 states. Let me know if you show something different so we can fix it! Tim-
  5. Hello, My name is Tim Pilg and I am the owner of American Beta. A couple of my friends called me up and said there were some negative comments in this forum about myself and my company. I would like to clear a few things up. I am not here to make any enemies nor will I bash anyone else or their business tactics. I have been in the motorcycle business since I was 14. I worked at a small Maico shop in my home town. I had the privilege of working on bikes and learning the mechanical trade. I was introduced to trials in 1982 by a great guy named Bob Miller. Bob had a cool business known as Section One Trial Products. Bob began to teach me
  6. Hello, Does anyone know why (or what it would take) to put updated information on here? It seems that the world news is all current however the new bikes only go to 2008 as well as the riders and such. Any suggestions? Tim Pilg
  7. Hello Everyone, This is a good question! I have been away from the sport for many years. (Hi Martin!) I keep telling my wife that I have no idea why? I went from being a MXer at a young age, I got involved with trials through Bob Miller. Fast forward,,,I am 43 years young now and still riding and racing off road events. I am still in the industry as I import Beta Off Road and Dual Sport Motorcycles. Here is my 2-cents worth why Trials is not growing: -Very little magazine exposure. Now is the perfect time to introduce off road racers to trials as a second bike. Need to give the magazines a flood of bikes to test. -I do not agree with the post in here about being too expensive. The bikes are expensive however they last much longer for a sportsman rider than an off road or mx bike. When I went from MX racing to Trials Nationals, Trials was Half the expense! -We need more indoor events! Ones with major sponsors to bring in (and pay for) custom designed (like Europe) sections. -What happened to the Nationals? There are only two locations? This is not a good thing. Here is what I feel about trials: -The greatest sport ever! It is mostly safe, you can have a blast in your back yard for hours -Low impact on the earth Anyway, it is late but I just had to pop in. Tim Pilg
  8. Hello Paul, We are not really a trials bike shop 100% (yet). We are working on that. A seperate business that I have is American Beta. We import the RR and RS line of Off-road and dual sport Beta's. As far as our race team goes, we have scaled it back to our local amateurs and a few fast guys, Brian Garrahan, Daniel Blair and such. We also support Jordan Brandt, Brian Butler, Mike Monroe, and soon Keith Wineland in the Enduro X. We had a factory support Yamaha SX team. That was disolved in 2006. We do not have service trucks anymore. We just well to the retail customer and a little commercial. Take care, Tim-
  9. Trials is an amazing sport! I am still wondering why I have been out of it so long. I was only involved from 1983-1991. I came from a motocross background however when I was 12 or so, I used to ride my Hodaka over logs and such. I also used to read the how to section in my Clymer manual that showed me how to turn my Hodie into a trials bike. I was introduced to trials by a great guy by the name of Bob Miller. Bob used to take me to all of the events, we would show up and Bob would open up the sides of his trailer and he would have all of his "Section One" trials products for sale. I remember going to a trial at Donner ski ranch (my second event) and Bob and I having dinner with the great Scott Head! I could not beleive how close eveyone was. You had great people like Art Webster, Howard and Laura Galbreath, all of the Belvior family, Kip and Fran Webb, all sorts of people that just loved the sport! Well, I have started riding again along with my 12 year old son, and let me say, I LOVE THIS SPORT! While I still compete in Off-road events on my "go fast" bike, I still have a huge passion for trials. Being a business man (I own a motorcycle business) the problems that I see with the sport today are as follows: 1) As said before, the Euro is at about 1.52-1.53! This makes it very difficult for manufactures, distributors, and dealers to all make the bikes affordable. 2) New bike sales seem to be down from when I was involved. I feel this is more from the lack of marketing of the sport more than the price increases on bikes or the price of fuel. MX and Enduro bike sales (KTM, etc) are still doing very well. 3) I am aware that many trials riders out there do not want growth however the trials industry needs to set a long term goal for bike sales/growth. Distributors cannot make a living selling 100-200 bikes per year! Dealers cannot make it selling 10-20 units a year! It also hurts the manufactures as well. 4) The sport needs a major USA indoor series. Enduro Cross has shown many Americans what skills trials riders have however it is not what trials is all about. An indoor series would allow outside sponsors to be listed on the sections and such. Here are the GREAT things that Trials has going for it: 1) The sport is safe! I had a Supercross team in 2006. Supercross is very dangerous! If you take a beginner rider on a MX track today, it is overwhelming for him or her. Most tracks have doubles, triples, etc. Trials however is not intimidating for a Jr. rider. Jr. riders are the sports future! 2) Trials bikes are quiet. There are land closures everywhere. This is mostly due to noise. 3) The bikes are really cool! 4) The cost of upkeep on a trials bike is pennies to the dollar compared to MX and off-road. We are currently selling 4-stroke MX bikes and the moto Dads do not have the skills to make the repairs. When a motor blows up, the bill with a discount is well over $1000.00! 5) It is FUN! Again, it is not intimidating! I can tell you that growth is needed! The sport will starve if it continues to decline. This growth can come slowly, but it must come. Does anyone else have any ideas and/or suggestions? Tim Pilg
  10. I will try not to drag this all out, but here it goes. First of all, Hi Martin, you are a class act! I am wanting to come back to trials! I have been envolved in MX and off road for the past 20 years. I would like to compete again as well as possibly be involved more in this wonderful sport. This is no new problem here. These "garage" dealers have no or very little overhead, plus they have another real job to pay their regular bills. Should they go away? No. Many of these garage dealers are the ones that also are going to all of the events promoting the product. Should a garage dealer pay the same cost for a new bike as a dealership? No. If they only sell one or two bikes per year, they should pay a larger amount. This can be solved by having a sliding scale price structure. This rewards the person who does a better job regardless of where they run out of. To get off the subject, I was looking last night at the National schedule and was amazed that there are only two locations with six rounds in six days! Wow, this is a problem! The sport really does have some serious issues! On a good note, I feel that the sport can possibly grow quite a bit due to some of the Enduro Cross stars having a trials background. Enduro cross is going to boom! It has a trial bike class now and depending on how this is handled, could be the first time in many years that Trials bikes will be on TV! At the risk of getting beat up in here, it seems that the sport is stuck in 1st gear. When I rode nationals in the 80's, I can remember many people complaining about the NATC and others and how they "didn't want the sport to grow". I am not sure at what that meant but it seems to be true today. I see that there are great people like Howard and Laura Galbreath in California still busting their rears to help, but the sport needs more new, fresh, young people involved! I can tell you that this sport is amazing! It cannot go away! If you have 200 dealers across the US selling only 3 bikes each per year, that is 600 bikes! Plus you know they will sell 4-5 used bikes as well at a minimum which will introuce the sport to new people. Our Off Road racer Jordan Brandt even purchased a used trials bike to improve his skills. Yes, the economy is suffering. But trials is so small that it really should not be affected. KTM is selling every $9000.00 EXC they build! There is still many people that want (and can afford) an new bike! OK, so I failed at making this short! Tim Pilg