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  1. These auxiliary tanks certainly are a quality bit of kit and they are designed for the job, however no one has mentioned one problem and that is that it will need filled at every fuel check as the fuel is used from this first. The filler is quite small and difficult to fill, once this is full the main tank will need topped up. - this will take at least twice as long as a normal top-up, increase the likelyhood of spillage and cause queues at the fuel stops.
  2. boofont - if you dont ride under an SACU licence you dont need a number on your bike - the club will give you one when you sign on - !!!
  3. It'll be good to see you - incase you dont recognise me (and to check licence numbers you will have to recognise everyone ) i'll be the one with the moustache and the cigar
  4. just enforced at one trial last year - then everyone realised that it was unenforcable - if you have any-old number on the front of your bike how can an organiser know its your licence number? just leave your ssdt plate on for a year and nobody bothers you
  5. One good point has been made here - in the long dark scottish nights the sacu do offer us some light entertainment. is it not worth every
  6. There is one very valid point that has not been mentioned in this thread - that is WHY do we need two organisations doing the same thing? would it not make sense to make scotland a centre of the ACU (in legal terms it is anyway) - do away with the SACU (ok i know its 92 years old but sentiment can't take over common sense) let scotland run centre events (the current "national" status of scottish trials is a joke compared to England) as i am on a roll the subject of the handbook (note its the ACU handbook not the SACU handbook- ha ) I have a licence to ride my road bike on the public highway - but i am not forced into purchasing a copy of the Road Traffic Act or the highway code every year - it is up to me to know the legal rules required to drive safely. and another thing - the need to have two licences to ride two disciplines is a nonsense - what is wrong with one licence with the relevant categories marked on it - again i do not need two driving licences to drive a bike and a car? - its just a way of getting another
  7. Well done all - it is good to see british champ class riders in scotland - and good to see someone who puts real effort into running the event getting some acknowledgement from the SACU i assume that the lads and lassies that run the ssdt got their award in 1911
  8. It was the BEST two day ever - the routes were fantastic the sections were damn hard but the best bit was the beer we used to go up on the thursday drink for two days ride the trial sat and sun and then drink for another two days - the town was taken over and welcomed us every year - Now the interesting bit - there are a load of new trials riders in and about aberfeldy - with enough interest they MAY consider reviving the 2 day - how good would that be? lets get a petition going who would ride a highland two day trial? I would
  9. Seems like a lot of big girls blouses on this thread. This is the Scottish your talking about, not a pussy around a field. quote "no time to take photos" -need i say more. I think people forget this is an International competition of the highest standing. do you think Colin McRae stopped to look at the view during a WRC round, or Hailwood dropped in for a cuppa at the bungalow on his way round the Island?? come on guys (havent heard any of the girls whinging) remember what THE SCOTTISH is all about.