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  1. Hi all, been a while since I last posted... Been watching the indoor stuff on Motors TV and I got thinking, should it be modified a bit to even things out? What I'm on about is that the leader goes last, and therefore has an advantage in that he's seen the other riders and can therefore work the line and get out in less time. I think it's right that the leader should run last, but what about adjusting the section time so that maybe the last rider has a minute, second to last perhaps 1 min 20, then maybe 1 min 40 etc... Or something like that. I'm only saying this from a spectator point of view, perhaps to level things a bit. Open to the floor for debate...
  2. Hello everybody! Got chatting to a mate of mine who was wondering why I'd not been trialing over the last couple of years. After explaining to him, I thought I'd let all you TC users, old and new, know what I've been up to during my absence from this fine forum. Basically, I've got a son who is now 3, hence my absence from my bike. Won't be long till he's riding though... I hope. Anyway, just checking in to say hi. Miss you all, Boofont.
  3. You must know all about the legendary 1210 then, but +/- 8 % to be accurate!
  4. Well done Aussie's!! First off, Casey stormed it on the Moto GP. Mark nailed the GP. And Jason Crump wins the world speedway.
  5. First off, I'm still here! Had a chuckle at this on ebay! It runs backwards
  6. There is a bit of movement, it's known as a 'floating disc', an inch sounds too much though, should be a couple of mm at most.
  7. boofont

    Baby P

    Fall person please, got to be PC! Don't want to upset all the left-wing tw@ts that should be held responsible!
  8. boofont

    Baby P

    His name was Peter apparently. http://www.dailysquib.co.uk/?c=117&a=1551;cd=1&gl=uk
  9. Perhaps should have put this in my other post but you can get a tyre to sit on the bead using a YOU HAVE USED WORDS OR A PHRASE WHICH ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THIS WEBSITE. PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST/TOPIC. DO NOT TRY TO CIRCUMVENT THE FILTERS IN PLACE ON THIS WEBSITE bead ring and a foot pump, I do it all the time this way. On another note, surely this topic must have been discussed to death before?
  10. I'm sorry but a few pints/tins when/after riding is just stupid!........... Have several!
  11. Don't be so soft lad, give it a go! There's nothing you can mess up, if you can't do it you won't bust owt. You can always take it to a shop afterwards if you can't sort it!
  12. Noticed in The Sun today, click the link here and select the Slideshow, second picture. Is it a modified 4rt?
  13. Two pairs of mole grips makes the job easy. Front bolts first, not too tight. Then set one pair just wide enough to grip the plate and the frame, you must be able to close the grip so it locks. Next, get the other pair and do the same, set it so it will just grip the frame and bash plate so that you can lock it off. Now go back to the first one which should be loose now, take it off, tighten it and refit. Do the same with the other one and keep doing this until you can get your bolts in. Easy!
  14. Well, about six weeks ago when the 10p tax rate change kicked off I read that it was going to cost 2.7 billion which would be borrowed. At around the same time I read that since the huge rise in fuel (and the price has risen moch more now!) the treasury had taken 7 million extra! So, although I'm no maths guru, I can work out that we should have 4.3 billion spare kicking around... So where has that gone then if we have to borrow to sive the rebate? I'm so angry with this govenment, don't get me started on the expenses thing!
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