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  1. yep its normal my 125 09 does it and so does my dad 250 nothing to worry about
  2. sam12

    Loose Disk Rotor

    thanks guys,just checking
  3. sam12

    Loose Disk Rotor

    high changing a tube yesterday and i felt the disk rotor on the front wheel felt loose,checked my dads bike it was the same are they meant to be like it? thanks sam
  4. i am no expert but it sounds like there is no fuel getting into the engine,blocked fuel pipe or fuel filter maybe?
  5. sam12

    Map Switch

    i was having a play with the mapping switch on my 09 125 it doesnt seem to do much even at high revs.is this normal or is there very small difference between the two settings?
  6. normally we only tow with one are two bikes on our 3 bike trailer but next week we are taking a mate to a trial,and the 3 bikes will not fit on the trailer together without the bars interferring with each other,what can i do to fix this problem? thanks,sam
  7. lol.but adding racing stripes will give you an extra 4bhp.
  8. montesa never riden one they just look very cool
  9. Would it be possible to spray paint brake resvoir caps?if so what would you do?just apply the spray paint? thanks,sam
  10. so just fairy liquid and warm water leave it to soak for 5 or 10 mins ? then leave it to dry overnight and spray filter oil on it in the morning?
  11. how do you clean it? should i clean it when i can barely see the colour of it?
  12. can i oil my air filter even when its dirty?well not dirty just a bit dusty. when should i remove and clean the air filter? thanks,sam
  13. o right sorry when you say a diode in series do you mean put a diode after the last led so when the curent alternates you only get current flowing for half the time,if you get what i mean sorry to keep asking you about this stuff,thanks sam
  14. i think that it is AC because of this diagram,http://www.trialspartsusa.com/diagrams/KokusanDigital2005Pro.jpg.(i would think that this 05-07 diagram is simmilar to the 09 wiring) so would i have to make a rectifier with 4 diodes? thanks,sam wheelhouse
  15. thanks,i havnt looked at it yet but i will,so about a 400 ish ohm resistor and 5 or 6 leds this wont damage the bike will it? is the suply AC or DC?
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