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  1. I think these are absolutely superb. Some people have put an awfull lot of thought and their own creativity into making both of these bikes. Both owners have been totally honest about what they are and are not trying to con anyone into buying some rubbish or trying to pull a fast one in any way. I feel it is a bit harsh saying they are heaps of .... I just wish I had the amount of dedication to make bikes like these. ok they are not going to win any beauty contest but then thats in the eye of the beholder ! !
  2. Just wondering what people use for road registered bikes in the way of a numberplate. Do you have to get a plastic one made up properly or can you just scrawl some numbers on a yellow background - obviously the correct ones! I got my ty250 registered last year but it didn't have a numberplate for its MOT. MOT time is comming up again and I don't want it to fail on its number plate. I couldn't use a plastic one for trials but do you have to have one for the MOT. Thanks
  3. It is six volts. But just wondering why you are wiring up lights and a horn. If it is to get it road registered you don't actually need lights for a daylight MOT and if you do put lighs on it then you have to have all the other gubbins to get a full MOT.
  4. Hi there. I am no expert but have you tried putting a spot of petrol in the plug hole replace plug and kicking it over. It worked for me on my Ty 250.
  5. I lowered the needle jet to improve the high speed running on my '84 mono and it worked. However after trying it out I was comming back when the engine wouldn't slow down with the throttle so I hit the kill button and nothing. I pulled in the clutch and coasted to a stop with the engine reving very fast. I turned off the petrol then gritted my teeth and pulled off the spark plug lead. Still nothing - the engine kept reving very fast. I had no idea what to do after that. Then after a few seconds smoke came from around the top of the engine or under the tank or somewhere and after another couple of seconds it died alltogether. Now there is no spark. Anyone any ideas. PS Trials bikes are very light when they are going but after pushing one 2 miles or so well you can imagine!!!!!
  6. Well I went and tried it. (fingers crossed and a few prayers) and and and................. It does actually work perfectly. Only bother I can see is that the sensor itself looks pretty vulnerable to any knocks. I mounted it on the front of the forks so that if it does get hit then the wheel rotation will knock it out of the way, rather than the spokes mashing it into the fork sliders. Only bother with this way is that it has no protection from vegetation or anything. Anyone any experience of where to fit the sensor? Bye the way it was the halfords one at about
  7. Hi folks. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried fitting a wireless digital speedo to a 2 stroke. I got one but before I take it out of its packet (and loose the possibility of taking it back !), has anyone tried it or does the 2 stroke interfeer with it? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for that offer but just to say my one does have a small black mud flap thingy attached to the four holes in the mudguard but it doesn't really stop very much as the linkages still get covered in mud. Perhaps my one is torn but it doesn't look like it. I have attached a bit of inner tube just now and will see how it goes - it will probably get ripped off but we'll see. Interested to see you have a ty aswell do you ever get problems with the linkage bearings. Thanks Stuart
  9. Hi folks, I've finally got my ty registered and am now able to use it. Since I have been using it I have been wondering why there is no guard of any sort over the linkages to stop mud and grit getting into the bearings. I know there is not a lot of room but I am thinking a bit of inner tube or the like would be just possible to be squeezed in there. I am new to trials. So is there an obvious reason why not, does it not cause any broblems or what do others do?
  10. Hi folks just wondering if anyone can help. I have not much experience of working on motorbikes and I thought the old ty (1985) would be a good place to start. Well the problem is I replaced the wheel bearings on the back wheel. Then I found after a few miles they were as bad again. I contacted the bearing supplier and they sent me another set. I opened these and I checked them and there appears to be some movement if you hold the centre and wiggle the outside. I am just wondering if they are meant to be like this or if they are giving me duff bearings. Anyone have a clue as most people I've spoke to never check what they are like before they put them in.
  11. Hi folks I'm just in the process of trying to get my ty250 able to be used on the road. Now I know this may sound stupid but I just automaticaly assumed that the bike would have to be registered, Mot'd, insured etc but then I saw on the MOT website that your bike doesn't have to have number plate if it isn't registered. This got me wondering does it really have to be registered. Mean it really isn't much different to a push bike and probably not as fast and they don't have to have all the legal dross. So can anyone shed any light. Thanks Stuart