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  1. Well said hillary, 100% correct and not just for trials but for ALL sports.
  2. Could the answer be one of the words in your post title - "Break?" It's Christmas Break for the Clerks of the Course, Secretary of the meeting and section setters too! Probably they want to spend some time with their families. Why don't you offer to put on a trial for your club?
  3. He can ride out of class but must still ride the engine size of his actual class ie an 80. Yes, insurance would be an issue!
  4. For some reason I can't post the results of Lincoln's Molly Johnson Trial on the News Feed, I've not had a problem before but ......... So they can be found on the Club's website at http://www.lincolnmotorsport.co.uk
  5. Do you mean that the clutch slips or that it doesn't clear? It's quite normal for the clutch not to clear, just stick it in 3rd or 4th gear.
  6. Every rider is a member of a club, every club has delegates that can attend Centre meetings and every Centre attends various ACU meetings at Rugby, so every rider has a voice! I can only speak for the East Midland Centre and here it is very rare for any clubs to attend Centre meetings, just those on the Centre Executive. You all have a voice - use it that way!
  7. sdc

    300Ss For A Beginner?

    The best 300 you can buy is a 250, forget the big uns and forget the playing - join a club and ride in their events, clubs need members and the sport needs riders!
  8. Errrrr, I think you mean 11th MARCH!
  9. I think the post would have been better named "Riders please note"
  10. Petition signed I've been to both WTC rounds at Mons, not the best venue in the WTC but well organised and land worth keeping - Good Luck.
  11. sdc


    I wouldn't dream of advising on a make of bike but as Neil said, a 250 would be the right size. Come along on the 15th and have a look and talk to as many riders as you wish, they'll all be approachable.
  12. sdc


    Look no further, you can't get more local than us! David
  13. Just like all footballers vote on the off-side rule or all cricketers vote on lbw!
  14. sdc


    Come and see us at Manton quarry on Sunday, you can learn as much as you want.
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