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  1. timp

    How good to do ssdt?

    You need to be a pretty decent middle route rider at least. Experience riding every road trial you can for a year or so before having a go. Bike fitness is more important than going to the gym. And remember the videos flatten the sections. And they don't show the big holes amongst the rocks. Also a lot of the sections are big and intimidating nowadays. And if it's wet you can't see what your riding to make it even harder. It can be a very expensive and demanding week but if you havn't tried it you will never know if it's for you. Some have one go and never again. But most keep going back for more every year. It was my favourite trial but too old for it now.
  2. Are we seeing of the beginning of the end of Bou's domination at top level?
  3. timp

    BVM broken into overnight,

    Insurers won't keep insuring a business if break ins happen too often. And you can guarantee the premium will be up for future.
  4. timp

    Whistles for Stopping

    Yes. Just common courtesy to those behind you. If it's a rock step or waterfall you could be stuck for ages trying to get up again and again. Totally unfair on those behind.
  5. timp

    Reed effects on engine character

    In 30 years I have never found it necessary to swop reed valves.
  6. timp

    2018 Beta Evo fan direction

    Has it done this from new or started doing it later?
  7. timp

    Whistles for Stopping

    If you fail the section leave the section by the quickest route. Simple.
  8. timp


    Problem nowadays is teachers don't live close enough to walk like many years ago and neither do children.
  9. timp

    4t misfire 2018

    Following on from this thread has anyone similar issues or cures?
  10. timp

    Beta 4t

    Did you get to the bottom of the problem?
  11. timp

    Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Plug first!
  12. timp

    Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Put a new spark plug in for starters.
  13. timp

    Queuing at Sections.

    thats partly why observers are hard to come by. Who wants to stand and watch 400 rides through a boring section from 10.30 till 3.30
  14. timp

    Beta 4t

    Is the carb tight in its rubber sleeves? Too much oil of filter. Mixture screw correct. Standard silencer or aftermarket?
  15. timp

    Beta evo rear brake

    Discs wear. Check for a lip on the outer edge. New pads needed once half worn. Check there is a bit of play on the pushrod. Get it working as best you can. Ride with the brake on till disc is very hot. Pour on cold water. Repeat. If this doesn't work your master cylinder or caliper has issues.