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  1. Looking at the hard route in a lot of trials the entry has been depleted by having a 50/50 route. Riders stay on 50/50 rather than progressing to the top route. Possibly it means the top route is too hard?
  2. I'm sure the riders will make it clear if it's good at the end of the first event..
  3. What was the section time limit back then? I seem to remember 1.5 minutes but may be way out. 1 minute seems an expensive event. 3 laps of 15. 45 minutes riding time per event.
  4. Certainly worth a try as no stop at top level wasn't too good. But going off entry levels was no-stop a bad move?. I think entry levels have been overall better than the previous rules? The concern for the new rules is perhaps 1 minute isn't enough. It may lead to rushing the last bit of the hazard and the lower routes havn't got a minder to catch for them either. No doubt there will be plenty of arguments that the front spindle was out just as the whistle is blown and joe blogs got an extra second because he knows the observer!? Anyway not my problem so I leave it to the ones onvolved?
  5. Anything that does away with punch cards gets my vote. Always a cause of trouble when a disgruntled rider gets punched a 5 for what he thought was a clean? And punch cards really slow down trials unless there is a dedicated puncher. Then there is always someone who loses it. Usually Barry Roads ??? And some cards damaged.
  6. Always used to coat the rim over the spokes with grease then fit the rim tape. Seals the spokes and stops corrosion.
  7. If world trials results influenced bike sales we would mostly buy montesa
  8. You need to be a pretty decent middle route rider at least. Experience riding every road trial you can for a year or so before having a go. Bike fitness is more important than going to the gym. And remember the videos flatten the sections. And they don't show the big holes amongst the rocks. Also a lot of the sections are big and intimidating nowadays. And if it's wet you can't see what your riding to make it even harder. It can be a very expensive and demanding week but if you havn't tried it you will never know if it's for you. Some have one go and never again. But most keep going back for more every year. It was my favourite trial but too old for it now.
  9. Are we seeing of the beginning of the end of Bou's domination at top level?
  10. Insurers won't keep insuring a business if break ins happen too often. And you can guarantee the premium will be up for future.
  11. Yes. Just common courtesy to those behind you. If it's a rock step or waterfall you could be stuck for ages trying to get up again and again. Totally unfair on those behind.
  12. In 30 years I have never found it necessary to swop reed valves.
  13. Has it done this from new or started doing it later?
  14. If you fail the section leave the section by the quickest route. Simple.
  15. timp


    Problem nowadays is teachers don't live close enough to walk like many years ago and neither do children.
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