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  1. I'd recommend Endurotyres.com ! http://www.endurotyres.com/ Quick and a good price and do postage
  2. dannyb

    200 Vs 300

    Another question in the same vein - does that mean you could in theory take a factory 300, and put a 200 bareel/piston/head and adjust the jetting to make a factory 200?
  3. dannyb

    Beta Headpipe Dents

    I've got a few small dents on my headpipe ('14 evo 300 2t) now, what's best/easiest way to get them out ? Short of buying a new obviously! Can you bung the ends and blow them out like a motocross pipe with heat? Or do the fill with water and let freezing action pop them out like you would a 4stroke header?
  4. Only 28 entries this weekend is that right!?! (myself one of them) for a national that can't be right surely
  5. I stuck one of my vents back on with a hot glue gun last night. Worked ok. Bit messy, but was my first attempt
  6. Curious why it's so much more than a leonelli/jitsie/apico equivalent? Does it come with correct connections already on? I'm guessing the other offerings you have to cut into the existing kill switch wires?
  7. Went to these venues years ago but can't remember what access is like - can we camp with camper van at the two venues ? Kelly farm on the Friday night Brousentor farm Saturday night ?
  8. Rode it, loved it, be back next year
  9. I agree, makes sense to me, but then that was the rules I learnt under. Sections still needed to 'flow' but you could put in some more technical aspescts without it being unrideable for anything less than a five!
  10. dannyb

    Fork Oil Change Help

    What oil does everyone use ? Different weights for the different legs?
  11. dannyb

    Evo Bearing Kit

    Anyone know if you can buy a complete suspension bearing kit (after market ideally) for a late model evo? Or do you have to order all the individual parts?
  12. We get three trials bikes in a lwb t5 with second row of seats in fine, adding additional tie points helps. Can do two enduro with all seats in, but easier if you take one or two seats out
  13. dannyb

    Boyesens Jetting

    So after an afternoon of tweaking and testing I ended up with the following 50 pilot, jjg needle on third (middle), 128 main and air screw just past 1 1/4 out. I tried same jets but with a standard needle (jjh) which felt smooth but just a touch too lean still. I'm awaiting some larger pilots/mains and when I get these I might experiment with standard or leaner needles on 3rd or 4th clip. 128 and 50 were largest I had in my box
  14. dannyb

    Boyesens Jetting

    Altitude is around 250ft above. Signs I'm getting are it just feels weak in mixture, running a little warm, and engine kind of running on at deceleration
  15. dannyb

    Boyesens Jetting

    Just installed some power (dual-stage) boyesen reeds in 14 evo 300. Followed instructions it said the jetting will need one bigger pilot, one smaller main. I put one bigger pilot in but left main (a 50 and 125 in there now) but bike still feels lean. Everything else standard (needle on 4th clip, air screw 1.75 out) Anyone else put a richer needle in or bigger mains? Also just repacked silencer - don't know if that would affect it
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