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  1. I reckon you could make it a bit more pre 65.... Needs a total overhaul.... Frame, engine the lot! Can't see it happening myself. Back to the 2smoker!
  2. Read on a Twitter page from Spain it's just stickers & better fuel efficiency.... Lack of development is making me make change of machinery when 16 models arrive.
  3. I've been running x-lite on my 14 for good few months now and had no bother, even few road trials thrown in. I'm using a rear wheel from an '11 gasser for practice wheel and fits perfect if you run the Montesa spacer on sprocket side and gasser spacer on the disc side.
  4. I see in his deal he's mentioned to be competing in the British championship. Be interesting to see how he goes, I like the kids style think he's one for the future for sure!
  5. Not being the greatest fan of the non stop ruling but getting on with it.... But watching old dvd's 2002-2003 era when they ran stop for one mark lost seems to work so much better. The riders giving their very best to keep moving for the clean ride but not all is lost if they come to a hault with only the one mark being lost. One mark lost for a stop seems to pretty fair rather then a soul destroying five! Would be good if Acu & F.I.M would look back for alternatives...
  6. mcbou46

    Gearing Consensus

    I've gone through all different ratios to find one I like, I've settled for 9-41 seems great, gives you confidence in bottom gear but still have the use of 2nd and 3rd. Even managed to pull 4th on balls out hill climb!
  7. This is true mate.... I'll still be purchasing a beautiful 4RT in a couple of weeks! On the other hand i'll have my Mont up for sale if you know anyone whos interested...
  8. Within the next couple of weeks I'm going to be treating myself to a new montesa 4RT.... sorry "Honda" 4RT 2014, I've just read that Honda have put 100% increase on parts for the 4RT! Have I read that's just for pre 2014 bikes or across the board? if it is across the spares list would kill me a little inside but this may change my mind and may push me towards buying a different bike with cheaper spares...
  9. Argh that would explain it, didn't think about indoor!
  10. While sitting and watching the latest videos of the top riders training (bou, raga, cabes, jeroni) they all seem to be practicing stop permitted on outdoor terrain... Do the riders know something we don't?! A return to stop permitted at world level maybe?
  11. Posting for a little advise really.... I've got a 2008 model 4rt, in June time I had a 280 kit fitted (Athena) heard pretty good things about the make but not so bank breaking as a s3 kit... whilst running it in after the change the engine was really loud, you could really hear the piston working, I was reassured by a montesa owners this is pretty normal after having the 280 fitted. They were right after couple of weeks it really quietened down but now there is a tapping sound coming from the engine on tick over and the first quarter of the throttle... I'm keen on the maintenance, I run Castrol engine oil and elf in the gearbox so its not like i'm running crap through it... can anyone point me in the right direction to solve it!?!?! cheers.
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