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  1. What year and size combo ?
  2. The 3 wheeler looks good can't find any on auto trader ;-) idealy I want a roof mk2 caddy the one that is a pickup but with a bolt on caddyman back ? Or we talking the same shape as the seat inca ?
  3. Prob looking at 3000 and less
  4. I would say make one from bits of angle iron it lust needs to support the bike from jumping side to side you can then just strap it in and down
  5. What is the smallest van you can fit a whole bike in ? Not a Bedford rascal ;-)
  6. Vw transporter all the . way cheaper and you can have 3 seats in front or a combo of two and two and still get two bikes in
  7. ok thanks jon I did not realise you used this forum I will try raising needle up from 2nd down to 4th down it was set to 3rd down and ive tryed 2nd down if it feels better i will try a 35 jet and 2nd/3rd down does that sound like it would sort my problem ?
  8. sorry missed the new part
  9. welcome give me a shout if you wanna ride some time
  10. hello all hope you are all well my txt 2000 249cc bike has run fine up till last few times ive been out. It hunts and is jerky at slow speeds and top end knock when flicking the throttle quick but not all the time current setup is 3.5 turns out on fuel a 36 needle on 3rd notch down and 30 or .30 pilot / normal plug gapped to .60 / fuel mix is 70-1 and fresh fuel trials syn oil ive cleaned the carb out fitted a new plug and tryed 60-1 and 70-1 fuel mix and its still no better any ideas? i have noticed a bit of pitting on the carbs slider is this normal ?
  11. silocon lube i have found the best
  12. Ive got a klipoff on my 2006 1.4 16v seat ibiza works well. I think your year polo will have the same towbar kit i have it takes away the crash bar and bolts to the chassis rails so load is no problem. only problem i find is bike and rack bounce up and down so i put a strap from the handlebar to the top of boot lid make sure you get crash bar back from them !
  13. you need to force lots of fluid thro the rear brake a top cap with a pipe coming out and a syringe should do the trick
  14. tow bar and bike rack costs the least and takes the least room but towbar and small trailer would not cost much more I have a seat ibiza 1.4 and a bike rack car still does 70mph and 36mpg on motoway fine
  15. fuel prices ! 1.19 ltr now