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Showa Rear Shocker

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Just aquired a Showa rear shock, fully rebuilt, and probably off a Montesa.

Thought it would be worth trying on the 2016 Evo, just to see what if any difference it might offer.

However in its normal upright position as fitted on the Mont, the large diameter fouls on the swinging arm, and you can't bolt it together. But it does go on "upside down" so to speak. And what's more it seems to work fine.

Question is - do these work either way up, or is it likely to fail soon? Also is anyone using a Showa and what do you think?

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I used to run one on my Evo factory, Was very good, It would only fit with the bump stop at the bottom but it is very tight on the exhaust side, Like you say the reservoir wouldn't clear the swingarm if it was the other way up like the Monts are, They are adapted for the Beta as the Montesa is a different length, Beta is 280mm and Montesa is 265mm, Mine had different internals and the nitrogen pressure was lower than what Monts use.

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