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Wrist pain and cramp :-(

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A mineral deficiency is usually the cause of convulsions/cramps. It's often an electrolyte disorder, with a deficiency of magnesium.

Give magnesium pills a try, these are priceworthey and not dangerous. The effect not getting cramps should occur after a couple of days, if so magnesium deficiency was the case.

Hole grain products, bananas and cheese have much magnesium inside as a tip.


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Ta for the advice all, just finished a trial today   and all pretty ok.

Not with standing a massive confidence fail initially but relaxed and all went well.

Tried the Magnesium tablets but wasn't keen tbh, think I was maybe over magnesium'd!!

But did go for the tonic water, and a sport drink ( I usually have one anyway )

Changed grips to MX Renthals which have the little ribs underneath......if i could feel them too well I was gripping too tight.

My daughter also showed me some stretching exercises for the fingers.

Had cramp once......my fault.....swift ride between sections on second lap and just  rode straight into the section, by the end of the section could not hold the bars.

Stretched fingers and then ok.......made sure I did that before the start of all the remaining sections.

Bit difficult to describe but you clench and hold the first 2 joints of the hand, then extend the fingers as much as poss, seemed to work for me.

Also gave myself a talking too grip wise, a few big hills where i was gripping too tight, slight altering of position and relaxing worked fine, in fact probably rode better because of it.

Very happy as I was thinking of going to an easier route, swopping bikes (lower powered or 4t)...or even having to give up...none of which I would be happy with.

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Nah, giving up is a backward step . I lose all sensation in my right hand but that's due to two accidents, one was a microbe got into my hand and ate my extensor muscle. The other was due to a hi side at the Circuit Val de Vienne in France.

So when I lose the feeling ,I stop, and stretch my hand back along with my fingers.

Give up when it drops off. Be happy . By the way I'm no 18 year old my self. I just look young , I'm age 50 in the picture:o and it's an old picture now.:D

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