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  1. Hi Andy You probably need a half link. If you purchased it from Leezy they should supply one. I have one of their roller bearing heads and that needed a half link that they supplied.
  2. I had a new 200 back in the day and the general issues were finding neutral and starting when hot. Was waiting at a section next to Brian Fowler one day and having a bit of a grumble. He suggested Rock Oil .... which instantly made neutral available......and if it doesn't start, kick over a couple of times with full throttle.....then no throttle...generally it started fine. Prior to that it was once a long walk back to the car park (where it then started fine) or making sure I parked at the top of a hill to bump it! But this was when they were new.....loads of different wear issues may be in the equation now...although it looks like you have excluded most.
  3. Ta for the advice all, just finished a trial today and all pretty ok. Not with standing a massive confidence fail initially but relaxed and all went well. Tried the Magnesium tablets but wasn't keen tbh, think I was maybe over magnesium'd!! But did go for the tonic water, and a sport drink ( I usually have one anyway ) Changed grips to MX Renthals which have the little ribs underneath......if i could feel them too well I was gripping too tight. My daughter also showed me some stretching exercises for the fingers. Had cramp once......my fault.....swift ride between sections on second lap and just rode straight into the section, by the end of the section could not hold the bars. Stretched fingers and then ok.......made sure I did that before the start of all the remaining sections. Bit difficult to describe but you clench and hold the first 2 joints of the hand, then extend the fingers as much as poss, seemed to work for me. Also gave myself a talking too grip wise, a few big hills where i was gripping too tight, slight altering of position and relaxing worked fine, in fact probably rode better because of it. Very happy as I was thinking of going to an easier route, swopping bikes (lower powered or 4t)...or even having to give up...none of which I would be happy with.
  4. Hmmm Tonic Water, will deffo give that a go this weekend...and a little mental tuning! But not as much as a lefty throttle would require :-)
  5. Thanks Brucey, that does help. That is exactly how my hand goes, extremely difficult to open.
  6. Yes a Physio is a good idea, had good results with a ruptured Achilles 10 years ago, all the NHS did was re break it...another 3 months in plaster :-( Have sent an e-mail BillyT
  7. Not yet......suspect he would say RSI or Carpal tunnel... would rather see if a fix could be "natural" rather than intrusive.
  8. Hi All I am a 58 years old average trials rider...been riding off and on since 17. Now I generally ride once or twice a month on a Beta Rev 3. But about a year ago in a trial suddenly suffered from severe cramp in the right hand/wrist when exiting a section, instant full throttle action!! Thankfully I use a lanyard cut out so no great drama's. Although surprised a few spectators and especially me! Completed the trial but had to rest the wrist/hand before each section..although a couple of 3's resulted from complete lack of confidence. I think it is partly psychological now but seems to be getting much worse, because of that I am gripping tighter, which is then causing the cramp faster. I actually felt it starting on the way to the first section of the last trial! Trying to keep a light grip on the bars but this isn't totally effective...or practical sometimes! I keep hydrated and such, strangely did 2 laps of 16 sections at the Len Hutty and it only affected me in the second to last section...in an easy bit so could release my grip for a second and carry on. Oddly my grip strength is pretty good, although most of my day I am at a desk I do a lot of general mechanicing (Land Rovers mostly) when not at work, can hold one of those grip strength thingy's for ages, some of my contemporaries cannot even compress it!! It is affecting my riding.....used to enjoy bouncing over logs and loved wheelies.....now my little mind is telling me I will let go and fall off the back............ Anyone got any ideas? Getting a bit desperate tbh. I love riding and the Beta suits me...as much as I would like the excuse to change bikes I doubt it would make any difference!
  9. Hi Clive, yup still here, will have a look for the piccy, may take a while tho!
  10. gbmoto

    Flat 349

    Ta for the reply's all, it was needle height! Trial on Saturday, was a bit of a risk as it has probably the biggest hills I ride each year but it flew....mostly with me still on it! Totally messed up the first hill in second, after that all good in third! Amazed that one notch made such a difference.....maybe the Mikuni is a bit sensitive Someone else also recommend moving back to points, totally understand from a fault finding point of view...thankfully I must have a good one! 2 kick starting after not being used for a month or more, 1 kick otherwise. High compression and old knees....I need all the help I can get!
  11. gbmoto

    Flat 349

    Ta for the replies chaps, I think i may have had a bit of "senior" moment! But in answer it sort of 4 strokes, sounds flat and will not rev. The weird thing is between sections it will build up revs OK, which is why it seems fine on the road. BUT I forgot that the last time I rode when it was working great it was pinging a bit between sections, as well as the other bits I had dropped the needle one notch. When I got back I moved it back to where it was as I was convinced the manifold and ignition were the problem. Would needle position cause this? Kicking myself as I could have tweaked that at the trial easily but had forgotten I had done it :-(
  12. gbmoto

    Flat 349

    Hi All I have a 1984 349. the one with the grey frame. Running a Mikuni from Inmotion and Electrex ignition, crank seals replaced. I bought the bike as a very original low useage barn find, then did the above during recommissioning. Had a few issues last year with it being very flat....not revving out smoothly...or at all really :-( Eventually resolved it, new inlet manifold and also re-installed the ignition with some washers to space it out slightly (other stuff on here about that) I know you shouldn't change 2 things but I was getting desperate as the problem didn't show up on the road or greenlaning, just in sections. Anyway did a trial and all was good, revving out cleanly. Put bike away and used my Beta for a while. Want to use the Mont in a few weeks time in a bit bigger (for me!) trial so used it in a local event......and the problem had returned! It was a mostly nadgery trial so not really a problem, starts first or second kick and beautifully smooth off the bottom, but no snap or revs really beyond 2,500 ish. I really want to use the Mont in the next trial but I will need a few revs and third gear on the climbs, any ideas what may have happened??
  13. Many thanks all, have started with Steve Saunders, no reply yet.
  14. Hi All I have just bought a Rev3 and am very pleased with it, but would like a stiffer rear spring. Maybe the result of too many pies but the Beta rear end just feels too low. Trialsandtribulations are out of stock, wondering if anyone knows of another source?
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