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Wrist pain and cramp :-(


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Hi All

I am a 58 years old average trials rider...been riding off and on since 17.

Now I generally ride once or twice a month on a Beta Rev 3.

But about a year ago in a trial suddenly suffered from severe cramp in the right hand/wrist when exiting a section, instant full throttle action!!  Thankfully I use a lanyard cut out so no great drama's. Although surprised a few spectators and especially me!

Completed the trial but had to rest the wrist/hand before each section..although a couple of 3's resulted from complete lack of confidence.

I think it is partly psychological now but seems to be getting much worse, because of that I am gripping tighter, which is then causing the cramp faster.

I actually felt it starting on the way to the first section of the last trial!

Trying to keep a light grip on the bars but this isn't totally effective...or practical sometimes!

I keep hydrated and such, strangely did 2 laps of 16 sections at the Len Hutty and it only affected me in the second to last section...in an easy bit so could release my grip for a second and carry on.

Oddly my grip strength is pretty good, although most of my day I am at a desk I do a lot of general mechanicing (Land Rovers mostly) when not at work, can hold one of those grip strength thingy's for ages, some of my contemporaries cannot even compress it!!

It is affecting my riding.....used to enjoy bouncing over logs and loved wheelies.....now my little mind is telling me I will let go and fall off the back............

Anyone got any ideas?  Getting a bit desperate tbh.

I love riding and the Beta suits me...as much as I would like the excuse to change bikes I doubt it would make any difference!

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20 minutes ago, gbmoto said:

Not yet......suspect he would say RSI or Carpal tunnel... would rather see if a fix could be "natural" rather than intrusive.

Maybe go to a physio then?  They'd be able to tell if it's a trapped nerve or something

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I'm the same age as you and have been riding for about the same length of time.  The first time I got cramp was when I was riding a Greeves Anglian at the age of 14.  My friends dad had to pull my fingers open to release my grip on the throttle.  I remember it well!

I also did quite a lot of windsurfing in my time.

Both sports require a conscious effort to relax your grip to avoid cramp and improve control (as you already know).

Unfortunately I now suffer from Tendinitis in my wrists which feels like they are broken until it wears off usually after 24hours!  The good news is that it is a twisting motion (like using a screwdriver) that aggravates it and not a straight pulling action so I can ride trials bikes as long as I'm careful.

Definitely worth getting a professional opinion though as there could be any number of causes and solutions.

Not much help I know, but you are not alone!



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I had the same, went to physio and was surprised. She said i had a rounded shoulder posture caused by bending forward and not helped by being tall. She gave me simple exercises to do to correct it and haven't had the problem since. Caused by a compressed nerve in my case. Go to a physio it cost me £45 wasn't worth waiting for a NHS appointment

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11 hours ago, gbmoto said:

Not yet......suspect he would say RSI or Carpal tunnel... would rather see if a fix could be "natural" rather than intrusive.

Not necessarily. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by a restriction of the median nerve, so symptoms are often a burning or tingling sensation, rather than cramp. Treatment does not always need surgery.

As others have suggested, get a proper diagnosis. A physio is more likely to be of help than a GP.


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Unfortunately everyday tonic water no longer contains quinine but it's very refreshing and helps hydrate the system so it's still worth drinking.

I've also been suffering from cramp after exercise from my mid fities but plenty to drink seems to be the best way to keep it at bay. Crampex was always helpful but hasn't been available for the last couple of years. Don't know why. Hope you find an answer.

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