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320 Engine lock

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I was wondering if anyone out there in Trials land has had a 320 4 stroke engine lock up whilst trying to kick it over / start up. This has recently happened to mine, a 2011 model, and we're trying to sort out where the problem may be. It locks that bad that you can basically stand on the kick starter & it wont budge, but put it into top gear & roll it backwards & it unlocks, give it one kick is fine but then locks again during a second kick.

Any help or information would be appreciated, especially if someone else has had a similar experience with one of these & as only a handful of these were sold in Australia information is limited so I'm hoping someone out there may know something.

Thanks in advance!



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I had a 320 for awhile and it did the same thing a few times. I think it had to do with the kickstart gears not meshing as they tried to engage. I just moved the bike in gear to change the engagement point and then it kicked over and ran fine. I never did take it apart to check it because it rarely did and was easy to work around.

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