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  1. hi i have posted a question on the sherco specific forum about issues with sealing the s3 head i have, i am also posting here as im not sure if someone may have had the same issues on a different bike. issue being water is getting into the barrel after running for a few seconds it also does this with the old head but this was tried with the old o-rings (so not really relevant i dont think) it was bought new and the barrel has been re-lined by langcourts so im pretty sure everything is flat. is it a common issue with these heads that the o-rings seem to small for the recess and also how do the head bolts seal as water seems to get passed them. thanks
  2. timmymac

    Leaking Head

    hi can anybobdy help. i am having trouble getting the head to seal on my sherco 250 2006 i have had the barrel religned etc and and have come to putting it back together and water keeps getting into the barrel each time i run it for around 30 seconds. i have 2 new o-rngs inner and outer and the small ones for the screws so i imagine no sealer is required i am fitting an s3 head i dont know if it makes any difference but it also leaks with the old head aswell. also the supplier of the head wasnt sure if the s3 head needed the samll o-rings can anyone clear this up. thanks
  3. i started on a gas gas tx320 which was very forgiving and can be found quite easily in you budget range
  4. timmymac

    barrel plating

    Hi Looking for some information on where is best place to buy a new piston and get a barrel replated. Also is there a longlife piston for a sherco 250 avaliable like the s3 ones for gas gas and does it make a difference. thanks tim
  5. Does this come as a hard back with pictures if so ill take a copy. MERRY CHRISTMAS
  6. i think its about time the jokes stop an we stuck to pictures only 3 old girls are sitting in a park when a flasher jumps out 2 of them immediately have a stroke the last one could'nt quite reach
  7. Im not great a jokes but here goes A man comes home to find his wife looking through the internet at breast enlargements, there's a much cheaper option he says just try rubbing toilet paper between your breasts. do you think that will work she replies excitedly well he says its worked wonders on your a**e
  8. I would agree with the above most likely a cut to the seal on fitment i have done a few motorcross forks and find a bag from a loaf of bread put over the forks first gets it safely past any marks caused by the yokes etc . it could also be caused by the seal not being seated square when pushed in. I wouldnt expect it to be the seal, but some cheap seals arent worth the money either.
  9. If you have no luck anywhere else try this ebay number ( 120489257533 ) hope its some help
  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, i hope everyone finds that extra bit of riding time this year.
  11. timmymac

    Fuel Mix

    Thanks for all the feed back it looks as though 80:1 is the way. i have some ( rock oil k2 plus ) 2 stroke oil which is synthetic that i used to run a yz 125 on will this be ok.
  12. timmymac

    Fuel Mix

    great thanks for the help all i need to do is get out there and fall off it now
  13. timmymac

    Fuel Mix

    Hi i have recently bought a 2007 sherco 250 but forgot to ask what fuel mix it should use, if possible could i have the answer in ----ml of oil to 1L of petrol aswell please. thanks very much
  14. Could this be the best present anyone could be given. ebay item number ( 250550397028 )
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