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  1. Have you thought about woodruff key in flywheel, its happened before,
  2. myson

    Sherpa Project

    Hi,TrialsRfun can you give me the details for brake drum reline please, mine need doing before I put it back together, Cheers, Myson
  3. myson

    M80 Crank

    Great post re removing bearings Martin, wife wouldnt notice smell the way she cooks!!. Will still have the pizza though, Myson
  4. myson

    M80 Crank

    Hi, thanks for the reply, I believe tht you can use a modified seal retainer to do this but this one has the bearings located inside the original casting, Dont know if this is possible on original M80 case. Myson
  5. myson

    M80 Crank

    Hi, I have just split the cranks on my M80 engine and have found it has 3 main bearings. I was sure that it was only later models that had this feature. I also want to remove the two gearbox bearings that are located in blind holes, what is the best/easiest method? Cheers, Myson
  6. Cheers Woody. Will order from Pyramid
  7. Is the M80 the same size as stated (45x25x12) or is there a diferrence between models? I have heard that head nuts may also need modification, any idea? Cheers,
  8. myson

    hub seals

    Will have a look in books tomorrow, failing that try Bultaco UK they are usually spot on. You could also take hub to bearing factor and see what they can sort out, Myson
  9. myson

    hub seals

    If thats the case just go to your nearest Force 7 bearing factor, cheap and very helpful for any bearings, I got new mains for mine for about
  10. myson

    Crankshaft rebuild

    Thanks for the reply, the bearings feel fine I ws just thinking of doing the job while I had the cranks split, may save a job later on, I was going to have a new big end bearing fitted to original con rod if possible, Myson
  11. myson

    Crankshaft rebuild

    Hi, I am slowly progressing with my M80 rebuild and I am splitting cranks to replace gearbox shortly. I am considering having the crank rebuilt with new bearings but most kits include a new conrod. This adds a lot to the cost when budget is limited! Is it feasable to rebuild using the original con rod with new bearings or is there a good reason for replacing everything? Also, can any one recommend a good engine guy in Newcastle/Durham area to carry out the rebuild? Cheers, Myson
  12. myson

    woodruff key sizes

    Thanks guys, once again first class help with problems, Cheers Colin
  13. myson

    woodruff key sizes

    Hi Sparks, thanks for the help. Do you have details of company in US that supplied the keys please, Regards, Colin
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