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  1. Make sure you've definitely got some positive play in the pedal before it acts on the master cylinder piston. I had the identical problem on the front brake of my 09 250 Evo. A little extra free play cured it. I think its because without play the caliper pistons just and I mean just touch the pads on the disc which warms and expands the fluid. I found out to my cost when coming to an abrupt stop 2/3rds up a steep climb.
  2. doctorbeta

    2 Stroke Mix

    All this about ratios depends on the oil you are using. If my memory serves me right Beta recommend 4% for semi and 1.5% for fully synthetic so thats 75ml per 5 litres on fully synth.
  3. I bought an 05 Sherco 320 as my first trials bike and for me personally, it was a mistake. Yes they can be a pig to start, but with experience you can surprise those people who think you cant do it! Mine had the later camshaft and hot start mod. There's a definite technique which once mastered, starting is a piece of cake. Nevertheless, a mistake for me, it was very torquey and powerful and got me into trouble a few times and I couldnt tame it without resorting to carb mods, flywheel etc so sold it on and bought a 250 Evo, which I love and is more than enough for my measly skills level. Not doing the Sherco down, excellent suspension etc but not for me, there are other threads on here which dont recommend it for a starter bike but as you are returning after a lay off you may be able to tame the beast! Good luck either way
  4. Just a discussion point. Lots on here about using super unleaded as opposed to straight unleaded, which I can see in the case of fairly high compression ratios. i.e. a Rev3 is about 11 point something to 1 (I think ), but my 250 Evo is only 8.9 to 1. Just wondered where the advantage comes for those extra pence per litre.
  5. Now then! Just an enquiry to see if anyone can recommend carb settings for my 250 Evo 2009. Just get the feeling its a bit 'fluffy' off the throttle stop, just as the slide is lifting. It feels like I have to give it a few more revs to ensure a clean getaway and to stop it stalling at slow speed/low revs/tickover. On the recommendation of Lampkins its now running a BP5ES plug and is a bit better but I've had to screw in the idle screw to keep it popping cleanly. I've tinkered with the airscrew +/- 1/4 turn from the recommended 11/2 turns out and can sometimes clean up the tickover with that. She's on super unleaded with 1.5% 2t. Lampkins suggested trying a 45 pilot instead of 48? Help!!
  6. Hi Tony, Yep been up to Cowm a couple of times and it's a great place with something to challenge everybody.... especially me! I'm also from Preston, pm me if you like, maybe we could get together.........perhaps I should re-phrase that...............but you know what I mean!!
  7. Thanks Chewy........ must admit I've clocked one or two already!!
  8. Howdy yall! Just saying hello. Having ridden road bikes for 35 years and had a short but furious foray into road racing I'm now posting on the website of what I'm finding to be a completely addictive motorsport! Having wrestled with a Sherco 320 as my first trials bike last Summer, (mistake number 1!) I've just bought what everyone says is a more gentlemanly 250 Evo. Time will tell. I've searched these pages and found a wealth of info and thought it was about time I registered. I intend to attempt to hone my near non-existant skills this Spring and Summer and am looking for all you lot to help me. I'll keep scouring the forums for tips and advice and will no doubt post some numpty questions if I get stuck. Cheers ps Good club recommendation for Central Lancs?
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