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  1. Managed to get in touch so all sorted. Thanks 6pm just off A19 past Osmotherley.
  2. Anyone got directions and a starting time for the Thursday evening trial this week?
  3. Yes it's the South Durham VMCC one. Last one I turned up I obviously got the time wrong as I was there 4 hours before the start time. I'll try the contact us on the website. Cheers, Dave
  4. Anyone got a start time and a map? I've no way of getting in touch with the organisers on this one. Any help much appreciated.
  5. davel

    Re Packing Exhaust

    Did mine about a month ago. Really simple, had no problems, just undid the bolts, pulled out the oily old stuff and shoved some new stuff in with the long bar from my socket set.
  6. I started off on a Sherco 250, as a 50 year old beginner. Had a go on my son's Gas Gas 125 and haven't been off it since. Super easy to ride and plenty of power for me doing the easy course. Runs out of oomph on big hill climbs but I tend to run out of oomph way before the bike does!
  7. You're all crazy, it's Newcastle!
  8. Up here in the cold, wet, muddy north east UK. Been trying to trials for a few months now. Having great fun and aspire to not break anything.
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