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  1. Just a example of how it will work, if the switch is set on Wet / Mud setting then the bike wont rev past 7000 rpm but when the switch is set on Sun / Dry setting then it will rev past that to about 11000 rpm ish !! I can tell the difference on mine but only when I ride up a massive steep hill, and I mean giving the bike all it as got in 3/4 gear
  2. There is nothing wrong with my bike im just trying to find out what other peoples opinions are of my readings as i cant find any doctuments any were what tell me what it should be reading.... and as i dont get chance to test other peoples bikes i was hoping any one out there may be able to copare my readings to there's, just in case it is low and need new rings!!! Thanks
  3. Hi all, Bought my self a nice little Gas Gas TxT pro 300 on a 2007 a couple of months ago, i've done the full service stuff it as no head spacer and is compelety standard and pulls like a train. I've been asking about trying to find out what the Compression should be reading on the tester?... My reads 145psi, thats with about 10 good kicks and the bike on a stand and the tester in place. Any one out there done a test on there's if so his mine at a good level or low on compression. Thanks
  4. Hi, So why would the 300 Gas Gas be less powerfull then the 280 Gas Gas! and with some mods could the 300 match the 280? just that i can get hold of the 300 easyer than the 280 in my price range.. Thanks
  5. After long hours of research and head bashing I am now steering towards a 08 Gas Gas 300, I
  6. captaincaveman


    Hi, im new to the game after 12 years as well and i stuck on the same question whitch bike 2stroke or 4stroke? let me no how you go
  7. Just to say hi, still not yet found a bike but will soon hope to post on here soon and get Involved !!!!! i've updated my profile :-)
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