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  1. Hi Guy, Theres 2 in each of the legs of the swingarm (assuming you mean the ones that the swing arm pivots on and not the ones the linkage plates go onto) On mine at least these were a caged type bearing rather than the full compliment ones in the dogbone/linkage - I would think again its just a case of looking/feeling for any free play there - while you have the linakge all apart its not much more work to remove the swingarm to check and regrease/replace as needed, make sure the bearing sleeves are rust free as I would think they will eat the inner seals - I took a dremel with a brass brush and gave them a good clean up, came up nearly like new and should help the seals in the longer term - looking at the seals and the fact they are quite well out of the way of any direct abuse I would think these bearings probably last some time - Plus I cant see theres anywhere near the load applied to them that the dogbone bearings see, so if they feel ok they probably are I would guess. Id say whatever you do its worth pulling the swingarm pivot bolt and checking/cleaning up and sticking some antiseize of some sort on there as it passes through a couple of steel sleeves in the engine case as well as the 2 bearing sleaves in the swingarm - being steel itself its likely to rust in place - this is a common problem with the XR250R that I ride and its a similar design to the Mont... I'm sure people with some more experiance will clarify things though.... Cheers Ben
  2. Hi, I cant speak for the rest but so far Ive found the Montesa to be fine to find parts for - Im sure others will be along to vouch for the other makes
  3. All done Feels like a new bike, maybe 2mm free play now at the wheel rather than over 10, also has a totally supple and squeek free rear end now - problem is now I'll have to re-learn my balance as it feels totally different... Front end next as theres a bit of play somewhere there - not starting that until after the weekend though Better hope it runs after I rebuilt the carb too - too late to start it up tonight! Cheers for all the replies. Ben
  4. Yeah sorry Im probably panicking other nothing in general here, just want to get it right so I dont have to do this again for some time! Now heading down to the garage go get on with the refit.... Mark1984 I had seen those but wasnt sure the normal ball bearings would be up to the load placed on them, but sounds like they are holding up for you - if I have to do these rollers again I may well ask how yours is going....
  5. ok having just removed the seals, another question on a similar theme... the writing on the bearings, facing out on each side or out on one side in on the other? I done the dogbone with the writing out on each side (which was my interpretation of the manual), but on the linkage on the swingarm that the guy has done for me ones in ones out....?!
  6. Yep maybe, I dont think I will be either, just the pro clean stuff and a carefull hose
  7. Cheers, I'll redo the ones the engineers have done I think then (as flat side in on the dogbone that I did) From Wherry's experiance though it doesnt seem to matter a great deal...
  8. Cheers, weird one huh - I did have a look at the manual it does almost look as if flat side is inwards on the diagram but I couldnt be sure either way.
  9. Im hoping the dogbone is correct - dont have to remove it all again and clean up and regrease etc.... the swingarm is sitting here so I can do that easily....
  10. Cheers - The seals on mine seem to all be rubber (guessing theres metal inside somewhere) flats out/swingarm correct or flats in/dogbone correct?
  11. Hi All Really quick question hopefully as I have to get my swingarm etc back on tonight if I can ready for the weekend. When I took the bearing seals out of the dogbone they all had the flat sides inwards ie next to the bearing and the lip/ open side facing out... I had to take the swingarm to have the linkage bearings cut out as they were totally collapsed and rusted in (there was nothing much left of the seals on the swingarm so I dont know which way around they were), now when I got the swingarm back (from an engineering place) the seals have been put flats out, I asked and he says thats how they are supposed to go. A little worried now as Ive put the seals back in the dogbone as they came out ie flats in and its greased up and back on the bike. So which is wrong? The swingarm that the engineers have done or the dogbone that I have done (copying from how it was when I took it apart) Either way now that they are in how easy are they to get out again and put the correct way - I dont have time now to buy new ones and fit them in time for the weekend. Cheers Ben
  12. Quick update, stripped the carb down last night and cleaned everything up with carb cleaner - generally in pretty good condition however the choke assembly seems a bit knackered - there was dirt in the spring assembly which means its got past the tiny o-ring that seals the shaft - so I'm guessing it could have been sucking air in throguh there as well, all cleaned up now and its pretty worn so for now I'll put it all back together with a new o-ring on the choke jet and try sealing the choke assembly with a bit of grease on the shaft and under the lever - if that cures it then worse case it will be a new choke assembly soon - about
  13. ps the splatshop website seems to have a decent amount of parts, I'll have to get an order in (need oil etc anyway) they have the offending O-rings for 49p Cheers Ben
  14. Cheers Wherry, I have downloaded the 2002 handbook which has a lot of info so Im sure will be helpful, according to that 110 main is standard but a 35 pilot/slow is standard so it has a slightly richer pilot jet in it it seems. It also specifically mentions checking the choke jet o-ring for wear/damage so I guess its a common thing, I may have a spare in my o-ring set but I think it could be a bit smaller than what I have. Yep - I have a can left over from the rebuild I did on the xr250, that and various little needles and bag ies etc for cleaning jets - although the pilot jet on this does seem tiny not sure I have anything small enough for that but carb cleaner and compressed air should sort it all out hopefully. I'll have a go at checking the float height as well while its all apart Cheers Ben
  15. Cheers, yeah I found out tonight just how badly placed the oil plug is! not entirely sure how you check the level so I'll give it another look tomorrow - didnt have a lot of daylight when I got home (dont have lights in the garage a the moment).... The bike started up from propery cold tonight on choke and didnt rev as high as it has been so I think it is a bit clogged from sitting but I've pulledthe carb anyway. I was surprised how quick and easy it was to get the carb off once Id figured out how to remove the throttle cable - my wife walked up at that stage and asked if that big spring was actually meant to be on the outside Checked and it is a black throttle tube so sorted there... Jet wise I have a 110 main, 36 pilot and the clip is in the 3rd groove on the needle counting down from the flat top looks like the needle says 37 on it, havent checked the adjustment on the screws yet but will count them in and remove them tomorrow. Theres a bit of wear on the little shafts that come out of the floats ie a little flatened but not too bad, apart from that its really nice and clean inside although once the fuel has evaporated its left quite a sticky oil residue, Im wondering if it is just a bit blocked from sitting unused for a while with fuel in the float chamber....the only other thing I noticed is that the o ring on the choke jet which seals it into the bottom of the float chamber is quite flat on one side not sure if that would cause an issue - anyway I'll give it all a cleanup tomorrow hopefully, get it back together and refitted and get some fresh fuel before I put the fuel tank back on and start it again. sorry for any missed letters or spaces - using a wireles keyboard tonight and it keeps playing up - correct what I hae noticed....
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