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  1. Hi All, Can a spilt in the outer [foral] be repaired and can I change outers so that the repaired fork can be put on the spring side only side and use the better outer for the damping side? Thanks

    P.S. I have seen some reference to conventional fork conversions.  Is this hassle free or do brakes, wheels [and obviously triple clamps] need changing?


  2. Hi Reginald, as we all know, it's easier to get things wrong than it is to get things right. i had similar with my 125 and it turned out to be a simple misunderstanding. The idle mixture screw is in this case for fuel and not for air. Screw it all the way home and then back out 1 and a half turns to start with. Then screw in the idle screw so as the motor runs at a higher idle speed than normal. That is of course if it will when you turn the choke off. If it won't run without the choke then there is something else amiss. Did you replace anything such as the needle, needle valve, float assembly ?

    Have you checked the float level ? Did you replace all of the small O rings on the idle/mixture screws ? What about the fuelline/filter ? Did you rebuild the carb referencing an exploded view making sure that all of the components were in place ?


    Thanks brownie yeah you were right - it was the screw next to the idle  it was out half a turn - 1.5 and shes fine - Doh!! :)

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  3. hope this helps folks..

    fork seals try 47/35/7 most bearing/seal shops

    swing arm bearings hk2012

    lower link plain bush use teflon coated 16/18/20 16 int/18 ext/20 deep 2 of

    linkage needle rollers hk1616

    my climber doesnt have a hyd clutch so just use an aftermarket honda assy..and#036;15.00 complete

    official parts book shows a clutch cable...non hydrallic!

    i have parts book for a 280r climber green with a white front guard.

    if i can help with official aprilia part number please ask



    by the way.. i am in new zealand... that great country off the coast of australia... biggrin.gif

    hey Stu got the dimensions of the hemi (spherical ) brg that the shock connects to??

  4. ok fitted new jet - shes still playing up - starts easy on choke revs hi then dies when choke is closed.  it had blocked jets that started this whole journey and we have cleaned the jets with carby cleaner and oxy tip cleaners (gently) and no go.  is it possible to reassemble the carb and get it wrong? thanks in advance for any help on this one.

  5. post-11951-0-10142100-1466071385_thumb.jpg


    hey guys, been away for awhile.

    I need to find the jet sizes for my daughters swm tl125 phbl 22 carb? lost the pilot jet in the grass! Doh!

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

  6. While I'm a fan of standard bikes [read - I couldn't modify them if my life depended on it] the work dave 444 did and his blog site are great stuff and guess what ? he owns it - so he can do whatever he likes to them!!!

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  7. I have a 125 front pipe and middle box here. You need the middle box to suit the smaller diameter front pipe. Rear tailpipe is the same for 125 & 320


    Thanks Martin, I'll email you to arrange purchase.

    Is the carb diameter for airbox hose fit the same or smaller carb?

  8. hi guys,

    My understanding is that a swm 125 bottom end is identical to a 240/280. have i got that right?

    We have come across a 125 engine that would be a cheaper option than repairing the gear shaft on our 280 in the short term and eligible for my daughter to ride junior.

    A couple of questions.

    does the 280 exhaust fit the 125?

    Does the 280 top end fit straight on the 125 or do we need to machine the cases?

    What gearing is used on the 125?

    Any help appreciated.



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