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  1. kanur

    Show Us Your Ty

    Here's a couple pics of mine. I've added Sammy Miller Betor trials shocks since these pictures were took.
  2. US/Penton = High Fender UE/Antelope = Low Fender
  3. Agricon that looks sweet. I would love to get to try out a nice Honda like that some day.
  4. Hi Gary, I didn't put Gary and Ohio together as you at first. I hated to miss M/O and now I really do, I would love to take that bike for a ride. I had a really nice 1992 BMW Paris Dakar that I was trying to get top dollar for and had a buyer coming from Dallas to Missouri that weekend. I hope you enjoy your venture into vintage trials as much as I have. I have no doubt you will excel at it and can't wait to see what you do with the 250.
  5. feetup, those bars look pretty nice. Here is what I would like to find. They are vintage Renthals and are very flat. I love the way they start angling up just past the clamps. These are on the wife's 175 and I bet she would notice if I swapped them. tony, the head is from a Yamaha DT 250, 75 or 76 I think. You have to trim a couple fins a little but no big deal. The combustion chamber is the same as the TY so it doesn't change anything but my head had a cracked fin and I liked the look of the radial head better. Plus they are dirt cheap on ebay. sorry I forgot to resize the picture.
  6. I picked up this well used 74 250 about a year and a half ago on the cheap. I have had a couple 175's but never a 250 and wanted to build one for the local ITSA series. Here's what I started with. And what I have now. I still need to decide what shocks I want to buy and I would love to find a set of vintage Renthall handlebars. I'm still playing with the footpeg location but over all I'm pretty pleased with it. I got most of the money I paid for the bike back by ebaying the stock parts I didn't use.
  7. What a gorgeous bike! I have been building a 250 and trying to make it look other than stock. I'm very proud of it but it's not as trick as yours.
  8. kanur

    Dalesman 1969 125

    I have a Puch engined Dalsman Trials too that I have been working on. Here is a picture of the ad I bought it from. It's in pieces now slowly going back together. Here are a few more Dalesman pics you may enjoy.
  9. kanur

    Mrs Kanur's new TY 175

    Thanks, I,m doing up a similar 250 but in different colors.
  10. what stmdabber said! If you go with fiberglass do your self a big favor and don't put anything but AvGas (LL100) in it. U.S. pump gas will clog my pilot jets and gum the slide so bad it will stick within a week. I have had the AvGas in two TY's for six months now with no problems.
  11. From what info I have been able to find about Sprites it seems one of the development/factory riders name was Dennis Jones. The irony here is that is also my name. To bad I don't have some of the talent. James Smith, Jeff Smiths son was at the AHRMA cross country race I had this bike delivered to and he had never saw one.
  12. Mines going to stay just as it is and it seems all the sections in these parts are also "turn up your own ar5s" Now that we have established our bikes are not Goldfingers, did they have a model mane or are they just Sachs powered Sprites. Bigshineybike feel free to use my pictures.
  13. Yeah, I haven't rode it yet but I bet it will seem weird.
  14. No problems here, thanks for the added info The amount of first hand knowledge about vintage trials bikes on this site is amazing
  15. kanur

    Sprite Writing

    Wow! Thanks for that link. I can use a few thing from there.
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