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  1. This idea hasn't happened, for a few reasons, but the main thing is there's currently not enough demand which seems a shame. The original covers seem fragile and easily damaged.
  2. Check that the radiator cap isn't venting early. Is the cap the correct pressure for the bike?
  3. Is there any advantage of creating a slightly higher oil capacity by extending the depth of the cover? The down side is making the cover sit wider thereby more susceptible to damage on rocks etc? ??
  4. Hello all I want a billet clutch cover for my 315R. Does anyone know where I can get one? Originals seem fragile and anyway are also obsolete. If none are available I'm thinking of making a small batch myself if anyone is interested? I can reverse engineer an original mag one and strengthen accordingly. I'm sure they will be more durable. They'll probably be under a hundred quid I would expect. Thanks
  5. bst_parts

    315 Carb

    I have fitted a 26mm OKO Keihin replica carb to my 315. 125 main jet 45 pilot and runs well. Not expensive, I think I paid £50ish from a very helpful company on ebay The main problem is adapting the air box hose which I made up by using an intercooler hose off a car. My bike isn't finished yet but starts and runs well so far. Hope this helps?
  6. I also need to know how to set up my 97 315r and I guess this would be the same for mine, but am surprised by the lack of response from our colleagues on this forum! ! I can set up a moto cross bike suspension static and dynamic sag but there is a serious lack of information for trials bikes. . Can't be that difficult?
  7. Hello all. I've got a problem with contamination in the fuel system on my Montesa 1997 315r. I've tried to remove the fuel tap (pet cock in USA) but the captive nuts appear to be spinning in the tank itself. Also the face of the tap (the on/off plate) seems to be rivetted on. Anybody got any ideas as I need to get the tap off to completely clean everything? And then I'll need to repair it somehow? The only way I can see of getting the bolts off is to drill them out but there's a good chance of wrecking the tank inserts. It's annoying because I've just put an OKO carb on and in no time the pilot jet was blocked. Thanks in advance. Tony
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