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  1. Copemech, Hold tight as I may take you up on the offer in lieu of taking mine off which has untold amount of RTV around it. I was going on spring break first week in April and my son was not going to ride so timing to take it off was good.
  2. Enough said.... I am just a hack that has access to a full machine shop with a lot of professional machinist. I think they like to watch me try things for entertainment. Since I am the VP of Safety they only let it go so far as not to hurt myself or someone else! I like to think it helps me have a better understanding of what they do and the hazards associated with the craft.
  3. paxdad


    Yes that is correct. If you inspect the rubber tip you will probably see a slight ridge that runs aroung the entire rubber needle tip just below the very end. This ridge is wear caused from the seat and most likely incompatiablity with ethanol fuel. The steel seats are unaffected by ethanol. If you call RYP they have the correct needle and seat i believe that it is a 200 needle & seat (part #D10305x200 "alchohol") rated part. They are sold toghether.
  4. I will try and accomodate added space on the inside however the give up is the increased external dimension in relation to where the shift lever is oriented to the cover as this has a bevel angle to it.
  5. Based on the block size to start with the Swarf will rapidly pile up. Have you ever seen a solid wheel made? The amount of residual milling is crazy. Hopefully will start on it the first week in April.
  6. I am getting ready to CNC/machine a T-6061 flywheel cover for my 04 125. My stock plastic cover is distored and requires RTV to seal it up with the o-ring in place. I will use the existing plastic cover for the root file dimensions. Since this will be made under CNC I will probably produce at least 3 or 4 additional pieces depending on spare time at work. However, I want to see if these are available in the aftermarket space. I don't seem to be able to find any out there on the internet. If available can you tell me where you have seen them avialibe in the US? Thanks.
  7. paxdad


    I just rebuilt my 04 125 (it was seized when I purchased it) and used RYP for parts and other information. Given the issue of the fuel in the bottom end I highly recommed that you verify if your fuel needle seat has a rubber tip. If so contact RYP and purchase the brass needle and seat. After my rebuild I filled the crank case with fuel twice while trying to hop around in the driveway and came to the quick conclusion that the needle was worn and the up and down motion of hoping/ general riding was making the issue worse. Replaced the needle and seat and problem solved. Unfortunately I had to buy a stator/ flywheel shortly after this which was rather expensive.
  8. See photos below of the choke lever with zip ty modification. Very high tech
  9. Curious about the temperature when it kicks on????
  10. Actually it does not hurt the boots at all and helps me grip the frame. The tape does wear fairly quickly though but is easy to replace.
  11. 1. Spin the fan by hand and see if it is hitting on the ty wrap that hold some of the wires as if it slides down slightly the fan blade could be hitting the ty wrap when the fan blades flex slightly. 2. For the choke fix. (I saw this in a photo that someone had on here). Drill a small hole in the choke lever (toward the end) and then put a small ty wrap through the hole. Pull the ty wrap tight. The tag end of the ty wrap makes it easy to pull the choke lever back down without having to take off gloves or fish your finger up and behind the lever to turn it off. If this does not make sense let me know and I will post a photo.
  12. I actually used a piece of 3M non-skid tape cut to size. The type you use on steps etc. Make a template from the old pieces and cut them out accordingly. I have also used skate board grip tape as well on my MX bikes.
  13. Ok I seem to have everything sorted out on the my 04 125 rebuild and everthing is running fine. This is my first trials bike. I purchased it with a seized motor so I have no idea what the fan did before. My question is, at what frequecy should the fan cycle on and off? My fan comes on a couple times every minute under normal low speed riding etc. Does anyone know what temp the fan switch/ sensor is set at which activates the fan?? I don't have any overflow out of the vent tube on the radiator cap etc. Just checking to make sure this is the norm.
  14. Leaning the Vmar direction. My son was riding it yesterday and bent the handle bars in a fall. Doesnt matter as I bought and built the bike to be ridden. Since this is my first trials bike the bent bars would have driven me crazy on my Mx bikes but somehow I don't seem to pay that much attention to the tweak in them as I am having too much fun on it just trying to balance!!!
  15. Great idea but the time consumed in making the determination of where to drill the hole in relation to where the oil level is would not be the best time spent. My dad always instructed me to "measure twice and drill once"!!!! This is one of those instances where it is probably not the best idea unless you have a lot of money to purchase side covers for trial and error.
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