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  1. had the same noise from my 2002 280 pro i bought as a non runner for a lot of years, so decided to change the main bearings and seals but when rebuild and started it sounded like a bag of bolts and my heart sank but after i strip the clutch side off notice under close inspetion that the basket and crank gear had marks on them as something must of came loose at one time and causing the damage,got the dremel out and clean the damage up on the gear wheels the best i could and rebuild and started,this cut the noise down by half but now i know what to replace when i get the ££££££ in
  2. just to let others know the problem i have had it might help others with same systoms i done a rebuild off the bottom end off a 2002 280 pro i got cheap as it was sieze with corosion round the fly wheel while sitting damp over a few years,i build her back up and when tried to start she give a couple of revs and stopped but would not start but back fire which was saying to me that timing was not right,checked wiring plug etc but could not find a problem as i was getting a spark and carb seem to be good so decided to take fly wheel off and found that woodruff key had sheared off in 2 halfs
  3. sorted, took it to my local dealer and he used a punch down the centre of the crank and a few blows with me holding it to let crank fall out off casing into my hand and no damage done think the problem may have come a bout with someone hitting the end of the crank and getting a mushroom effect while fitting the gear wheel on !!
  4. i am in the middle of stripping my engine to replace the main bearings but the gear wheel on the water pump side does not want to come off,i have removed the c clip but the gear is stuck fast and dont want to force it to much any ideas colin
  5. First thing I would try is to run a tap into the threads to see if that would sort it,it really depends on how far you went and you might get away with cleaning the threads
  6. jon thanks for your time i think i will go for new parts as i think i could run into problems mixing the to models
  7. does anyone know if the jtx and txt 270 clutch baskets and plates are the same and would the jtx fit into a txt
  8. hi my friend has got himself a 280 which was in bits,we have started to rebuild and all is going well but cant work out were the rear brake resvoir fits any photos or help would be welcome
  9. Hi people i have just got myself a 270 txt 1999 cheap which may turn out expensive its the first bike in 27 years for me ,mid life thing i have been told but you only have one chance in this life so i say grab with both hands. i would off followed moto x and still do and take all the photos for the boys every week,so this winter a lot off the guys have been getting trials bike for winter training so thats were i got the idea and looking forward to getting the bike sorted an getting out. ps great site colin
  10. Just notice when checking clutch that water is mixing with oil in the gearbox,i think it must be leaking through the water pump amd was wanted to no if it is easy enough of a job to sort and wat is involed in changing the seal. Also when taking about the clutch wound anyone know the thickness off the plates should be. 1999 270 txt
  11. thanks copemech for the reply have just notice that i have a small weep at the mc banjo fitting which needs sorted will see how things go after i fix the leak and then check the plates, thanks again will let ya know the out come
  12. david there is a spot up at woodburn forest in carrick just off the new line where alot of guys seem to head now you would see cars and trailers parked at the corner off paisly road on the new line carrick most weekends
  13. hi people i am new to this game,i have just got myself a 270 txt 1999 which had no working clutch i have striped down and cleaned and bleeded system which is now working ( a bit )but have notice that cluth is slipping at times but when you pump it it work better but still not perfect, was wanted to know would this hold the push rod in if air was in the line
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