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  1. Hi all, while i'm not quite a stranger on here it seems everyone are giving up trials - so i'm after more riding buddies I'm on the Wirral now previously living in Liverpool, used to regularly ride at Nant Ucha or Cowm Quarry and did Beginner route at Frodsham mcc last year. Usually free a couple of times a month for a practice and a trial. Would be good to get riding again. Cheers
  2. One thing i've done prior to letting someone view is take a small payment through pay pal which has a verified address. This can be refunded after the viewing or taken off the sale price. It doesnt need to be an ebay transaction to do this but people new to paypal wont be verified so it wont work in every instance but definitely through ebay as the buyers will be aware of paypal. It also helps if buying to pay a deposit through paypal, as if something turns out to be really rotten with the bike, paypal will automatically hold your deposit until the buyer and seller agree an outcome, i had an instance where i bought an Evo and didn't spot the cracked swing arm, whilst cleaning and greasing the bike i found it was not only crack but repaired multiple times and the buyer should definitely pointed it out, Paypal held the funds so the seller had no choice but to do a deal. Luckily though the renowned and wonderful Beta customer service gave me an exchange for a brand new swing arm.
  3. Hi thanks , I'll speak to Lampkins and see if they still have any. if its a case of new spacers i can always get some turned to suit. I'll borrow a wheel and have a play. Cheers!!
  4. Hi , just wondering if a rear wheel off a rev3 can be fitted to an Evo? has anybody tried? Thanks all !!
  5. No i didnt do Mouldsworth, was meant to be going up with Myzeneye but i backed out and donned my pinny for mothers day. Will be heading out somewhere this weekend for a practice day. JarrettB - Let us know how you get on at the Beta importers over there , its usefull information for other owners. I would expect if the Beta factory are still doing exchanges then it should be worldwide, may just take a little longer to sort out.
  6. Hi sorry to hear about the cracked frame, i would reccommend give Beta Uk a call, i had tried repairing a cracked swing arm and was fed up chasing the crack with weld. Phoned and spoke to Gary in January this year and he did a swop, even when i explained i'd tried welding it. Said Beta covered the exchange i just had to fit myself. They offered to take payment for the new swing arm and then refund when they received my exchange, or drop off and exchange which i did. Was worth the drive. Give them a call thats all i can say, they're reputation for good service preceeds them. Matt
  7. If your close to warrington cheshire Princess St Garage easily found on google or yell. Just the one guy does the bike mot's and understands what we use them for. No drama MOT very stress free. Of course bike was mechanically perfect but no dramas with no lights etc. Just a battery powered mega horn and a large number plate. Dont forget the little reflector needed on the number plate, a i would recommend wizzing off the "not for road use" if its on your tyres. Simple
  8. Hi all, i'm Matt just moved back to cheshire after living in North Wales where i took up trials. Keen to meet anybody for practice sessions have car trailers and looking for practice partners and to enter some trials. Happy New Year All!!
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