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  1. hi i have a montesa 200 which wont spark.i dont know if sparking before i done engine as it was seized.i have tried two stators and a new coil and put stator bck on exactly as i took it off.i have black wire from stator going to coil.ps if zerorev3rev4 gets this can you send me your email as i cant send you a message site wont let me
  2. Just built engine up and put in frame but no spark.Cleaned engine mounts and coil area,put new points in and plug and plug cap.tried condenser and nothing.The black wire from magneto is going to coil.Bike was seized when I started on it so cannot verify if sparking and has been stood around 15 years,anyone any thoughts
  3. Just built engine up and no spark on her,bike had been stood ex amount of years so don't know if sparking as mains were seized.i have put new points in and the wires have not been touched from stator.its black wire from stator to coil.tried another comdesor,new plug cap,could it be stator or coil
  4. just built engine up on her after been stood for x amount of years and no spark so i have put new points in and tried a new condensor,but nothing.have cleaned frame round coil and engine moints.looks like black wire from stator to coil.i dont know if it sparked before as main bearings were seized.whats the next step,new coil. or stator,help needed
  5. i have not painted frame yet so i will have a look at cleaning to bare metal hope its something simple
  6. just built and fitted engine back in frame and no spark on her,put new points in and plug so any ideas a help,thanks
  7. Thought it was bent,when you say these snap what's the usuall outcome weld another piece on,ps you were right about the fun I would have,thanks for the help this is just the start as after engine it is forks strip and rebuild,another job I have never done--lol
  8. Another one is the dots that need to be lined up on arm and cog would that be in neutral
  9. Cheers my problem is the part were spring ends go on I'm not sure if its bent as if you look at parts pictures its like 90 degree angle were this one seems to be bent round to right a bit and that's why I think spring just comes off
  10. Hi putting back a 200 engine and I cannot work out how spring goes on gear selector shaft any help much appreciated or even a picture before hammer gets taken to it damn bikes
  11. nice that someone takes there own time to take photos,thanks,good trial too
  12. maybe up to £150 thats the max whats the falcon and rockshox like
  13. Got a mont 200 project which I'm on with and wondering what would be best shocks to put onas I have betor on a ty175 and I find these fine I just wanted some input on other shocks
  14. moocher22

    Main Bearings

    I presume I have got it right then by removing this side first so gears are intact with other side
  15. moocher22

    Main Bearings

    Yeah left side all stripped I presume this side comes off first as I don't want to disturb all gears
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