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  1. allymo73

    Fork oil

    How much for oil goes in the left fork leg on my 2018 beta evo factory.
  2. Haven't touched any cables. Just. Taped connectors up. gonna be honest I haven't paid any attention from new. Is always came on when it should
  3. Looking for help guys. the radiator fan is spinning anti clock wise. What have I done to do this. any help appreciated
  4. allymo73

    Ssdt gearing

    Been trying 11 front and 42 back. Think this is the gearing for me
  5. allymo73

    Ssdt gearing

    2t I thought about 12 42. Up 1 t on the front. First gears a waste of time
  6. allymo73

    Ssdt gearing

    What gearing do you guys use in Scottish six days.
  7. I like the loch Sheil sections. Not that I cleaned many of them.
  8. allymo73

    Throttle cable

    Any recommendations on how to stop throttle cable catching on bar pad when turning bars.
  9. What's your favourite section past or present.
  10. allymo73

    2018 beta

    Bike looks a lot better in the flesh.
  11. allymo73

    2018 beta

    Any dates or info on the 18 model bike.
  12. Any reviews of the fajardo replica.
  13. Hi guys just a wee update,looks like some snow forecast so take some worm clothes...
  14. Championship-Dabill-Brown-Haslam-Danby-Richardson-Morphet-Wigg-Morton-Robinson-Wiggins-Brain-Thorpe-Disney-Kendrew-Austermuhle-Evans-luter-Clark-Pearson-Phillipson-Chilton-Fry-Stay-Macdonald-Sadler-Dexter-Conner-Sunter-Harvey-Cox-Bolt-Price. Youth-Walker-Waite-Stones-Bullock-Bullock- Expert-Edwards-Crinson-Battensby-Cottingham-Ablewhite-Smith-Timperley-Boocock-Graham-Horner-Pickard-Hick-Blackman-Katie Sunter-Moss-Lee-Milner-Potter-Afleck-Bristow-Regan-Reid-Anderson-Huskinson-Woods-Sadler....
  15. Well thats the entries closed-67 in total and 30 doing the championship...Will post list of entrants
  16. No the trial is at Nevis Range(Aonach Mhor) where the ski resort is.On the A82 fort-william to spean bridge road.
  17. Yes there is still the last section in the car park.I recieved a phone call from the Forestry Comission today and they are no longer going to allow us the use of a mini-bus to shuttle spectators along the short stretch of forestry road. So a message to spectators and Minders.The distance between the 2 groups takes about 10-12 mins on an easy stroll along a pritty flat forestry road so i would even recomend taking a Mountain bike and this would half the time to 5 mins.The lap is probably slightly longer than the one we used at the Mound in kinlochleven.
  18. Yes there will be 7 sections within 300 yards of the main car park- start area and a further 5 sections about an easy 10- 12 min walk along the forestry road or take your mountain bikes and halve the time
  19. Just a quick update.46 entries in so far and 18 entered for the championship.Good to see 2 ladies entered aswell and some old championship riders coming back to do championship
  20. If anyone is needing to contact club seceratary you can find his details on our club web site...Lochabermcc.com
  21. Regs for this event are now available for download in the calander part for list of events.Hopefully Andy might transfer this to the front page.
  22. 5 weeks and the work is progressing along nicely after a few problems with the forestry comission and some rare moss.I hear there are 31 riders entered for championship series so hopefully we will get a good entry as this will be good practice for the ssdt.We have just recieved the regs from acu so we will get them changed asap.Remember experts it first come first served so get your entries in sharpe to avoid dissapointment
  23. The new venue is on the Acu list of rounds stated.Not a last minute venue change.
  24. If anybody requires any information about this event you can contact me Ally Morrice on 07787426178 or allymorrice@gmail.com
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