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  1. Hi, I'm looking for spares for my Beta Twinshock bike,where i could get parts for it? Jeff
  2. Thanks for your answer motomike , Many people are riding between 185-195 cc oil in Tlr 200 forks (not reflex),i can't find a good working oil level for 250's forks,i would upgrade these with magicals progressive springs,what do you think about this ??? Jeff
  3. Hi, Could anyone tell me the difference between these both forks? Thanks, Jeff
  4. Hi, Anybody use this system in his Trial bike ?? http://www.suspensionhfs.com/en/content/en/trial
  5. Jimmyl,how much do you added to your spindle end? Jeff
  6. So you modified your swingarm or you bought a longer one? I would measure the distance from the centre of the swingarm axle to the centre of the frontwheel axle and compare it to more modern trial bikes. After that i would compare the swingarm length to the actual bikes and modify it,if possible!
  7. @Jimmyl, The footrest position has been lowerded for +-2cm,what do you think about the wheelbase?? I'm thinking to cut in the frame on the top tube for about 6mm. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Hi, I'm thinking about a modified steering angle on my TlR 200 to get a more modern Geometry,what do you think about this??
  9. quickmick25

    honda tlr

    Just bought an complete ATC200E head with cam,valves and rocker cover,also ordered a Wiseco 66mm XR200 piston
  10. quickmick25

    honda tlr

    Hi, Thanks for your informations Is it possible to keep the TLR ignition on my bike with all this big valve heads.Is only the ATC200X different? Just had alook on Wiseco hompage http://wiseco.com/ProductSearch.aspx , 67mm and 204cc would be nice. Could i still use a TLR head gasket? Thanks, Jeff
  11. quickmick25

    honda tlr

    TLRMARK, You only changed the inlet vakve and not the exhaust valve for them from XR200??
  12. Thanks for your help :-) The twinshockshop ask 340 for it,but with aluminium Tank,i think the unit from Shedworks is with a poly tank. Jeff
  13. Hi, I would have a tank/seat unit for my TLR 200,these units wich are very slim between tank and seat,where could i get them? Jeff
  14. Thanks for your help! So you think that the Seeley isn't a bad bike and a good investment,that's what i'm looking for.For the moment i'm riding a stock TY 175,it seems the Seeley will be as funny to drive and also being a capable bike. I could get this Seeley for 2500 GBP.The bike is in very good condition,unrestored and has still his rare exhaust silencer. The only negative point is,that it dont has registration papers,but i don't need them... I couldn't find a good TLR at this price here on the continent.I just wrote a email to the twinshockshop,they also have some nice Honda's for sale,but not under 3000GBP and i have to transport the bike to Europe. Jeff
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