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  1. fits in there as nice as you like, almost looks made for it. Starts _very_ easily now, not always first kick but it really does want to start. I'm switching the battery on, starting the bike and switching the battery off once it's running. The fuel pump _does not_ run 'till the bike has been booted over at least once, one the bike has turned over, you can hear the pump running after the engine rotation and charging the fuel system. Have managed the starting by hand, trick :-) Much keener to go out and play now that I know I can start the thing easily. pound ninety nine well spent in my book.
  2. Having had my 2012 works bike for ages, I finally got round to getting out to a club trial the other weekend. It had occasionally ben a pig to start on occasion, to the point that I'd given up on it a couple of times instead of actually riding it but going to the club trial meant it _Had_ to start. Having kicked it over so much I was a blue sweaty mess a younger / fitter guy took over and got it started (after another buddy had tried to get it going) It is really really nice to ride but I was petrified of stalling it for fear of not being able to get it going again. Got back from the trial and bought http://www.maplin.co.uk/9v-switched-battery-box-36603 1.99 from Maplin. Took the front light plate off to get to the capacitor doofer behind it and spliced it in. covered all the splices with waterproof heatshrink covering. Put it all back together and held the batterybox on top of the capacitor with double sided velcro (holds batteries into my toy planes as they get flung around so it'll probably be enough for this application, time will tell)
  3. Having used that method before with the Scorpa, tried it (along with "what about the FI system" thoughts) worked a treat.
  4. How does one get a 9v system "straight from Ossa UK"? Scrub that, have followed the Maplin link for the switched 9v box and bought some batteries.
  5. airwave

    Ossa Factory

    and on day 2, thought I was going to pass out trying to start it . . . . Gave up and tried the Scorpa, 2nd kick (after not being run for at least 3 weeks) whoever left the LSS system off the UK bikes needs to have a word with themselves. Now, back to the fora to try to figure out how to make an LSS myself . . Nice bike but such a pig to start, takes everything else away from it. and the kickstart fouls the frame (knocking lumps off the frame, also leading to "sair knee" having kicked the frame to death trying to start the fekkin thing)
  6. airwave

    Ossa Factory

    Mine arrived today Seriously nice toy. The British models have no LSS but mine started from delivery on the 3rd kick. just need to get out to play on it now.
  7. Line from one of the drillers left near the galley: Ok, lets declare a draw, you can't cook it, I can't eat it . . .
  8. Fly back to Blighty from the sandpit on the 20th, straight in to see "My Brief" 21st, Duty pilot at Gliding Club. Sunday the 22nd . . . BAMCC trial cancelled . . . where is this "Glentrusta" you speak of ? is it within the fabled "Wireline Triangle" ? Need to burn the petrol out of the Scorpa before laying it over and performing surgery. Monday, Brief in Court, me hiding round corner . .
  9. Firm follower of "All the gear, nae idea" besides, need a runabout while I get the clutch side seal sorted on the Scorpa :-) Do you know a "proper" biker who could resist a Termignoni reek spoot ? . . me neither. pretty much every "toy" you can fit for less than the cost of the exhaust . . looks like a good deal to me.
  10. Details: 62.5 kgs, Magnesium Frame, Dual Map, Termignoni Exhaust (lots of power!), Special Race Map, High Compression Head, Race Sump Guard, Iss Lithium Start System, Race triple Clamps, Race Red Foot Rests, Red Rear Sprocket, Magnesium clutch Cover, Handle Bar Protector. Of course all the bits such as 280i 2T efi, Ohlins TTX, Marzocchi etc Retail $9250 (Canuckistan Dollars) all gleefully filched from the ossacanada site. (with no warranty expressed or implied in the accuracy of the above)
  11. Cheers. Ordered. Now will it be delivered before or after the SSDT ? :-) (i'll have the only one in the UK with stabilisers fitted)
  12. Anyone have any details?
  13. Nice to see more eastcoasters on the boards.
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