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  1. juzz80

    Starting Problem

    She is a 2001, she has just had a complete rebuild, all new seals etc. the carb to was stripped and cleaned. But the one thing I haven't done is a new spark plug :-( il get on on and see how it goes, also was goin to get her to me mates shop and get him to set up the carb.. Cheers all
  2. juzz80

    Starting Problem

    Went out today for a practice on my bike which I have recently had rebuilt, she is a bit of a bugger to start and when she does she cuts out a soon as she fires up. When she fires up she will run good as gold for ages, a couple of times I stalled it and it struggled to fire up again, and even with a warm engine it needs some choke to fire up. Anyone got any ideas why it would be cutting out? Cheers justin
  3. Nice one il have a look for one
  4. Ive got a Subaru impreza with a detachable swan neck towbar, my question is can I get a rack for my bike that will fit onto this towbar? Cheers Justin :thumbup:
  5. So does that mean I would of come 19th then if I had finished
  6. Nice bit of riding
  7. juzz80

    Crankshaft Tolerance

    Cool, any idea where to get the conrad kit from? The only price iv seen is
  8. juzz80

    Crankshaft Tolerance

    Is that goin to mean a whole new crank and conrod?
  9. On a previous topic I put that my engine was making a knocking noise, my mate has since had aloof at the engine and the crankshaft has some side to side movement, and also the big end bearing has some movement as well. Does anyone know what tolerances their should be in them or where the best place to find out is? Cheers all
  10. juzz80


    Cheers all for the replys, the bike is a 2001 the guy I brought it of said that the previous owner had the engine apart and has replaced all the gaskets but doesnt know what else was done. When I was riding to section 3 it died like it had run out of fuel, I pushed it about 100yrs and I fired straight back up. But the engine just sounded very knockey bit like a old diesal engine, it's rather like theirs no oil in their. My mate who was with me is a mechanic with the AA he said the knocking is that loud he could hear me behind him over his bike,
  11. juzz80


    Done my first trial today on my recently brought Sherco 290 and 2 sections in she started really knocking and cut out, my mate said it may be the crank gone :-(. When I got home I stripped bike and removed the engine, I took the top of the engine of to expose the piston, and you can put 3 fingers on it and twist it slightly each way.. Does anyone have any ideas what maybe up with it? I'm hoping it's not the crank as iv looked on splat shop and they are like £450 :-(. Cheers Justin
  12. Iv filled it With some red oil and I'm doing a trial tomorrow so I'm going to do another oil change next week and see what it looks like then.. Cheers coriolis
  13. juzz80


    Would the water pump seals make water go a sort of light purple colour?
  14. I done a oil change on my sherco 290 today, only brought it last week. When I emptied it out it was very light purple in colour. At first I thought it was water getting into oil, but I was told by last owner that it has had all gaskets replaced. I looked in radiator and the water level is fine. Does anyone have any ideas why the oil is this colour, is their a brand of oil out their that is this colour and their is nothing to worry about? Cheers Justin
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