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  1. Ya. Sounds like I will just leave everything alone. But it might still be nice to see how many hours is on the bike at times.
  2. I am thinking about getting a Montesa, (coming from an OSSA) but I am wondering about accessing the computer on the bike. Is this something that the 'end user' is not supposed to do? Can we/end-user plug into it and monitor engine temp or change what temp the fan comes on or see how many hours are on the bike or swap maps out etc? What are the limits? Do we have to pay for software for this? Can any local Honda dealer switch maps or tell how many hours are on the bike?
  3. My little brother dominated at a desert race. A very rough difficult one where most guys didn't even finish (fried their clutches, crashed, ran out of energy etc). He was using a 2011 Gas Gas 300 pro and is a champ rider. The other guys were on KTM monsters and got their A$$ kicked... If you are board look up the 5 miles of hell trail ride in Utah (google 5MOH) then imagine racing through it I'm sure that if someone made a 600cc trials bike it would be my second bike. Unless it was just as light weight and had a switch to limit the power while riding trials. I'm just dreaming now... My main goal is to get back into trials, but still had a hope of other benefits on the same bike. Over the last few long days of researching I think I have decided to get an 2012 OSSA TR280i with a upgraded head, computer map, and fast throttle.
  4. There is data. I would rather have biased data than no data. Here is a good example - Just like you said. Montesa is the exception but its heavy. Lets add that to some data so that people don't have to happen to stumble across this thread to find that out. There is that info about a Montesa and many other things about each and every bike. I wish we could get it all compiled into one place. I do see your point about no perfect bike etc. But what isn't perfect on each of them? That is what I think would be cool to have data on. I am 'Expert' level and I don't try things that I know I can't make. I make it up or over 99% of the stuff I try and rarely damage a bike in any way. I must be a different flavor? I'm 26. I am pretty sure that anything I can do on a 125 I could also do on a 300(it could take a bit more effort in certain scenarios), but the 300 will also do some hill climbs and desert racing If they made a 600cc trails bike many Americans would probably buy it including me.
  5. I think there should be a sticky or FAQ or something that includes unbiased data of each bike brand. All the info in one place! Most peoples first thread have to do with getting a bike and not knowing exactly which one to get. It's not as simple as just ride it and see what you like the best. It's not as simple as just listening to someone saying I like my 20xx ___ bike. At least not for someone who wants an in depth analysis when making a decision. I like to go overboard in how much I know about each bike. (Even if I don't buy it) For example: I didn't know that the first Gas Gas Pro had some problems and that they need more care than Montesas. Also after some digging I found out that the first year of the Ossa had some problems. But why did I have to dig? and what were the exact common problems? What other bikes have problems? What is good on the ABC bike and what is good on the XYZ bike? It would be cool to have all that data in one place. I want to know things like Sherco's need new linkages each year or that Scorpas have more power and needs less maintenance than a Sherco. What mechanical problems can one expect from each bike. What things to consider or what features to look for when buying a bike. A new person to trials probably won't think about how easy the air filter is to change until after they own the bike. So is one easier to change that another? If so then lets put that data someplace. Let people submit everything they know about each bike in one place. (or one place for each bike) There is a lot of little things scattered around in threads all over the place, But you won't know what to search for until you know what there is to search for. (How would me or a new person know to avoid XYZ bike because of something like a transmission problem unless we search specifically for that) Another example: Which bike's clutchs had a dragging problem? I know that the Montesa Cota315R clutch would never feel fully disengaged when you pull the lever in. Any others? What years? For some this is a factor. Others don't care.
  6. So the Montesas I rode probably just had their rebound damping turned way ON? I wish I lived in a state where trials was really popular and had more than 0 trials shops...
  7. what year was your Raga? did they fix the potential for that splitting on newer bikes? why do you like your Beta more?
  8. I did an 80 mile ride (completely flat boring ride) with an average speed of around 45 mph on a 01 Montesa 315r. That was all on one tank plus I had a 32oz bottle of extra gas with me(I don't remember for sure if I had to use it). It's a 2 liter tank? plus maybe about another liter. So that's what about 100 miles per gallon if you are cruising.
  9. thank you! thats the type of info I was hoping to hear. what makes one bike easier to ride than another? what made the 2011 more stable? Gas Gas is the most popular brand right? I assume that is because they are the best bang for the buck? I am looking for the best bang. Don't really care about the buck. (but I do still care about reliability)
  10. I am getting back into trials. I haven't decided which bike to buy yet. Please help. My number one (or two) factor when buying a new bike is how easy it is to hop /maneuver I have ridden a Montesa 4RT and an older Cota and they were both very difficult to hop. After one 360 I was worn out. I have heard that the Gas Gas is much easier to move, but how does it compare to other bikes? I weigh about 175. I am buying a brand new bike. I am /was a expert rider. I know that weight has something to do with it, but my old Fantic was heavier than the Montesa and was way easier to hop... but maybe the Montesas I rode were setup for like 80 pound riders?? so - can someone please compare how easy the Ossa, Scorpa, Sherco, Beta, Gas Gas, Montesa, and any other bikes are to hop and maneuver other factors I am considering when buying a new bike are: having to mix the gas (2stroke vs 4) how the power comes on (loved the Montesa 4 stroke power but have heard bad things about other 4 stroke's power - Sherco's I think?) availability and price (aka no Montesa for me) do you have to use race gas or will pump gas be fine build quality and reliability
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