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  1. I’m thinking of changing rear shock from standard to ohlins as I need stiffer spring. Love to see people’s feedback. Thanks
  2. To be honest I was just curious as to what use they would be on a fuel injection system. Not really a great deal of information on S3 website. Only had my 300rr a month and itching to do first trial with it. Only managed to ride it round the garden as I have not got towbar fitted yet. Thanks for your insight
  3. Hi there I’ve got a 300rr and was just wondering if any body has fitted one of the s3 magic chokes and was it worth the money. Thinking of getting one so be good to hear from anyone out there before I part with £83.50 for it. Cheers Phil
  4. I get mine on ebay, so you should be able to get someone to ship to France. Good luck!
  5. Hi there i have had a 2004 315 for four years now and i have used Putoline MX7 in it since i bought it. I can honestly say the bike has never ever missed a beat it runs like a sowing machine. I use a syringe to measure out the oil as you need to measure out 62.5 cc. Hope this is info is of help to you Phil
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