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  1. leeanthonycook

    scorpa tank

    hey bondy like your engine case covers where you get them? also the scorpa wheel rim decals? been looking out for both without luck thanks
  2. OK, what gearbox oil are you using? as mentioned Motul 4Tworks well others use ATF found an old picture of mine & the set up is as per your picture so the nut mat have been on the outside originally
  3. And that’s what you need to change cant remember how but I’m sure I read about it on this site about 5 years ago when I first bought mine ill take a picture of mine over the weekend if it helps
  4. Have you moved the nut on the clutch lever arm to the end? By that I mean undo the assembly as it is now & re-assemble it exactly the same with the exception of the nut being the last thing to put on i also use mogul 4t gear box oil Clutch works perfectly on my 07 Scorpa hope this helps
  5. leeanthonycook

    Engine oil

    Sorry It’s the same oil for clutch & gearbox, drain from underneath but be careful as drain bolts made from toffee upgrade it with the one on trials & tribulation on similar thanks
  6. Try this link Found it when I googled the question hope it helps
  7. Best way to bleed clutch is via the slave cylinder using a syringe full of fluid connected to the nipple with a bit of tubing Takes minutes just need the right gear
  8. Hi Anyone out there using a bike rack on the back of a Freelander 2? If so does it work well? Are there any issues with handlebars touching the rear window? Thanks
  9. [look on Nigel Birketts site sure that there are pdf manuals you can download from there Sorry, new phone with predictive text. Post title = scorpa sy250 water pump impeller removal
  10. As you say Raceline dimpled steel plates with Haven fibre plates plus Elf oil make the clutch as good as anything I've ridden
  11. Hi Richard TBH not had chance to try it out yet, I've not even put fuel in it Took me ages to get someone to reproduce the decals in blue & then they did a poor job so I need to look at that again Might have a change in plans anyway as I'm looking at something else Thanks, Lee
  12. My eternal thanks or the step by step guide Got round to doing the job today, took me a couple of hours but the bikes running cleanly Saved me some money & learnt a new skill Thanks again
  13. Thanks ridgrunr Couldn't have got a better response, I'll let you know how I get on Lee
  14. Need to give my carb a clean but not done one before Watched a few videos & read about it on this forum so I'm sure I can do it just after any tips & advice It's a 2007 model Thanks in advance
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