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  1. dpeace444

    Beta Evo 4t 300 first ride experience

    The popping seems a standard feature of these bikes perhaps...been running a 2010 300 4T for 3 years and its done this consistently and idles lovely with smooth power throughout the range etc. Maybe check other peoples views on this? David
  2. dpeace444

    Stolen Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro 2014

    Hello, I had a Gas Gas TXT 280 Pro taken 2 days ago in the Cumbernauld area. Its very standard in excellent condition as per picture, and anyone being offered it I would appreciate them letting me know via this page. Its been reported to the police. Thanks, David
  3. dpeace444

    Fantic 200

    Hello, Just bought a reasonable priced Fantic needing some work. Its stood for 7 yrs says seller. Not a serious trialler but will get good leisure use from it once its in reliable condition. Anyway, going over what it needs and just ordered new clutch plates from Bill Pye to start sorting one issue.Obviously trying to keep cost under control and next on list is the idling! Cleaned carb well, new air filter and plug..is 20th gap correct? Can't decide if better to buy seals etc or new carb??? The rear box is off now and cut open as it rattled like bag of nails...is it best repacked than the WES replacement? Some oil/exhaust residue around front exhaust seal so will renew this. What should I use to clean front and mid section exhaust with which seems to be the recommendation from many trialscentral folk. On electrics side, it has the original Dansi round HT Coil and yet to take off flywheel to see condition of ignition source coils....are these 2 items likely to be the problem?? Bike starts well and runs clean revs freely but will not idle....dies at low revs. There is no kill switch on bike. I am not really familiar with bikes and there mechanics/electrics so most of info gathered from other trialscentral posts. This is where I am at the moment so will work over it at a leisurely pace as the ScorpaTYS125 F I have is the everyweekend bike. Any tips and help would be appreciated as the Fantic 80 was the first trialst bike I rode/fell off, so I have a soft spot for the make....and would like to see another Fantic back in regular use. Will attach photo on next post. David