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  1. I'm looking for a van for transportig my Beta Evo about. I kind of like the SWB low roof transit connect with a sliding side door. Does anybody use one? Any pics of your trials bike in the back of one? Thanks
  2. I believe it is only possible to repack the end chamber - there isn't access to the mid chamber with the wire wool packing. I've heard that filling it with petrol and giving it a good swish around helps to clear it out too... Obviously leave it over night to evaporate before putting the can back on the bike.
  3. Probably been asked a thousand times... What 2 stroke ratio do you all recommend on my 2010 Evo 200? I've just got the bike in great condition with no issues other than the exhaust is clogged with the black gunk... The guy was using a 60:1 ratio which I personally think is a little rich and could have caused the exhaust to gunk up So... Question 1. What ratio? Question 2. Best way to clean the exhaust?
  4. I'm now the proud owner of an Evo 200. Told you I couldn't decide between a 125 and a 250!
  5. danyorks

    Beta Evo 300 4T

    Thanks for all your input guys - I'm going to sound like a complete messer now but I've gone and bought an Evo 200 after all that! haha! I was trying to buy a 250 4t of a guy who decided not to sell in the end, he advised me that he also had a 200 2t but would not part with that either. He said the 200 was his favourite. After thinking about it a 200 2t sounds like it would suit me more. So thank you anyway for all the advice - hopefully I will get along with the 200. If I get the opportunity to try a 4t whilst out and about I will have something to compare it against and you never know...maybe my next bike!!! Thanks
  6. danyorks

    Beta Evo 300 4T

    I have been looking for a Beta 250 4t, however a 300 4t has come along - can anybody offer any advice on a 300? Is it going to be too big and heavy for a novice? Can I still fit a slow throttle to tame it down a bit and 'grow into it' as my skills develop? I don't want to be learning on something that is going to pull my arms off! I had a Rev3 250 2t so it's not like I have never ridden before (plus I've always had road bikes). I am looking for a bike to get back in to trials (I've had a little go before - I had a Rev3 250) I asked some questions on an earlier thread... http://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/59928-bike-choice-advice-help-2t-or-4t-etc-etc/ Thanks everyone!
  7. Hijacking is fine mate, we have similar queries and budgets! I like the 4rt but I'm looking for something a bit newer and a bit less used and so 4rt doesn't fall into my budget! Having had a Beta, I'm kind of drawn back to them but this time it will be the Evo rather than the Rev. My only downside to the Beta 2t are the fact that the kickstart is on the left. You do get used to it but I never liked it!
  8. Some great advice. I'm aware of the trespass situation but thanks for the heads up. I was more referring to one of the banks adjacent to the track on which land I have permission. (should have made that a bit more clear). I'll be interested to read more advice on bike choices, thanks...
  9. Can you all help me with a bit of advice in choosing my next bike? I've had a Rev3 250 which I probably rode less than 10 times as I spent most of my limited knowledge and time repairing it. However I did like it (nothing to compare it against though) and once I got it running right I sold it quick. A year has passed and I'm now about ready to delve back in to trials but I'm unsure what to buy... I have a budget of around £2000 give or take. My skills are very basic - I would class myself as a complete beginner and I have no intension of competing. I have always had road bikes but never really got into motocross - my friends' 250s used to frighten me to death when we were younger, 125s were ok in the fields though! I like the Beta Evo 250. I am tempted by a 4t (I can't explain why, but for some reason I think it will be more reliable to the occasional rider like myself) plus I am going to road register whatever I buy as we have family farm just 1 mile form my house and a disused railway track in between. I was tempted to go for a 125 as a starter, but my mate who has been riding for years on a gas gas 300 dismisses that idea every time I bring it up. So... options for around £2k give or take a little bit, 1. Evo 250 2t 2. Evo 250 4t 3. 125 4. Haven't got a clue... I will take onboard and appreciate any advice - thanks in advance. I am located in Hull - if anybody recommends local bikes for sale / shops to try etc.
  10. danyorks

    Fan Not Running!

    That's really helpful. I'm working away but when I get back I will try the volt meter to see if there is power and to see if it is AC or DC - I guess it should be reading about 12v - Right?
  11. danyorks

    Fan Not Running!

    From what I have read, I am leaning towards the rectifier. 1. the bypass made no difference - the fan still did not run! 2. direct voltage - the fun run excellent So I am thinking either rectifier or a loose wire somewhere. I am going to have to do some investigating, maybe remove the radiator to expose the wiring?
  12. danyorks

    Fan Not Running!

    My 2004 rev3 250... My fan will not kick in?? I have tried bypassing the thermostat by connecting a piece of wire between the thermostat terminals and reconnecting the wires to the terminals but the fan does not work. I have tried wiring the fan directly to 12v supply and it spins great? I am now confused - any suggestions?????
  13. Well I now have a spark again. I'm going to strip the carb and clean it!
  14. I noticed the rubber hose between the carb and air box was loose - after sorting that it still revved out of control (by this point I had messed with the idle screw) I shut it off and couldn't get it start again - no spark now!!! I have checked the wiring all ok, I am now getting a really weak spark, not enough to fire it up?? Never had this problem before?
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