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  2. We are doing the same here in DK, stops allowed and roll back as well. I think that the Swedes and the Norwegians are doing the same...as are the French. Maybe the FIM-guys should run around in their own small group/world without stopping - and the rest of us will use common sense :-) Moller
  3. Doesn't that Jitise Killer have any (negative) impact on the power? /Moller
  4. No, but since your frame is yellow, it must be from 2013 or newer. It's only a problem on the 2011-model (maybe on 10 too, I don't know). On the 12 onwards Sherco fitted another inlet and a different air filter + housing. Regards...
  5. When you put a Keihin PKW 28 on a Sherco 290 2011, the choke knob cannot be activated, since it hits the CDI-unit. To solve this, I have moved the CDI upwards, found an angle where I can use the choke and still get the filter housing to sit right and with the Keihin in a somewhat vertical position at the same time. Don't forget to attach the CDI grund wire! Made a plastic wedge with the right angle fit between the CDI and the small cross bar in the frame and tied the CDI upwards and forwards with plastic cords, and now it is firmly in place. The Keihin is there, and you can use the choke with a 2 mm gap when activated between the choke knob and the CDI. If you the fit a Jitsie air filter, well oiled and firmly in contact with the filter case all the way around, it actually works without getting debris into the carb. Bin running with this for three months now absolutely stress free, havent even cleaned the carb befor now. Starts first time and shoots like an arrow -) See pictures attached, may look a bit odd, but it works… Regards from a snowy DK...
  6. I fitted the keihin on mine, same bike 290 11. Moved the CDI up a bit and fastened it with strips. Just make sure that the negative wire is securely fastened somewhere. Bought the modified carb at Splatshop after much trouble with the original VHST Dellorto. Apart from changing the rear spring to one, that fits my weight, this is the best mod I've done. Bike runs sharp and always starts, also after bottom up crashes. Runs with 1,5% synth oil mix. Worth every penny. Next year I'll change the air filter housing and the inlet manifold to 2012-model. This makes the carb sit horizontally, and the CDI can go back in place. moller40
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