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  1. Good evening I've recently had the same problem with my 2007 beta rev 3 . It sounded exactly the same and smoked the same . I checked threw all the electrics . On the cdi i found a bared wire which I heatshrunk and taped . I also found a loose wire from the block connector which connects the cdi to the stator . It wasn't hanging out of the connector as there is 2 wires in the block it was wedged next to the other wire until I gave it a gentle pull . I cut the block off and put new connections on and also heatshrunk them . Then the next problem was the wire leading to the coil was loose in the block connector so I cut that off and put new one on . I also cut a tiny bit off each end of the spark plug lead to ensure good contact. Put new spark plug in and cleaned spark plug cap out with contact cleaner . I've rode the bike 3 times since this and it hasn't missed a beat . It would start fine but just back fired and popped at quarter throttle . I'm unaware of which part sorted it as I did the things I mentioned in one night but they were all things that obviously needed sorting. It was all worth a try before ordering a cdi which I put the problem down 2 . All I can say is check every connection
  2. Hi guys My Dad has just bought a scorpa sy250 with the vin number vmuscy249sc600 can anyone tell me what year bike this is
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    Thanks 0007 i put a new needle float valve in about 3 weeks ago as the old one was really worn, but didnt use anything on it to seal it so thats maybe worth ago
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    thanks jfc will have a look , what hight should it be
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    Hi guys why is it when my 2007 rev 3 is upright i dont get any loss of fuel , but when i leave it on its side stand idling for 5 minutes or more it starts leaking, not loads but leaves a little puddle
  6. Thanks dadof2 whats the next size up from a 30 pilot jet
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    Jet Help

    Hi guys were is the best place to buy a pilot jet for a 2007 250 beta rev 3 also im wanting to go one size up from standard so what size will i need , What model mikuni carb does the 2007 rev 3 use
  8. Thanks guys will deffo be giving andy a ring .
  9. Thanks Bilks , out of interest how much did that cost , i will give him a ring in a week or so
  10. Thanks will give them a try , ive seen a post on here about a guy called andy dawson does anyone know if he still rebuilding shocks
  11. Hi guys Im looking for someone to rebuild a shock on a 2007 beta rev3 sometime in the next few weeks as its leaking , does anyone have any good recomendations of were i can send it to be done.
  12. Thanks for your advice guys , tonight i have cleaned the carb , ive also cleaned the airbox which had abit of water in it so im going to look at sealing it abit better to prevent water from getting in , hopefully the carb clean will of solved it as a few particles of dirt came out.
  13. Zerorev3rev4- Ive repacked exhaust and clean air filter before every outing , is a crank seal a big job if it is that , last time cleaned carb one of the jets had water in it
  14. Hi guys , My 2007 rev3 seems to of started running rough after 5 minutes of warming up there seems to be a clunking noise but the bike seems to run fine , after a hour or so of running it doesnt seem to idle properly , it just wants to cut out , Ive tried new plug , cleaning the carb and trying v power fuel
  15. Thanks for your replys guys
  16. Thanks lewis , just out of interest what causes the dust seal to go , its only a tiny drip i noticed, like i said it just seems to be coming from under the dust seal
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    Hi guys the right fork leg on my beta seems to be leaking but it looks like its coming from the bottom of the fork wiper does this mean this will need replacing or does this happen when the seal goes .
  18. Thanks guys yes im reffering to the slit on top of the block just after the barrel , popped to my local trials dealer today to pick a couple of bits up he happened to have a a 2007 beta , i had a look and it has the identical piece missing as mine , I only noticed it after cleaning the other day , The bike runs sweet as a nut just wondedred why that little piece was not there
  19. will try get one , its a real smooth cut like its supposed to be there
  20. Good news the sump plug is out and the bash plate back on
  21. Thanks dilbert93 will have a look now
  22. The bash plate doesn't look in to bad of condition so fingers crossed it will go on okay ,but i appreciate your advice , Will try get the sump plug out tomorrow
  23. Yeah was thinking of doing that jfc , got the new plug ready to go back in also how easy is the bash plate to put back on
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