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  1. Hi, i was wondering if anyone knew where it is possible to source a montesa cota 200 airbox, or any other models etc that would be suitable for some modification, Chris.
  2. Thanks alot Mark, do you know the quantuty of oils? and hidrol-7 7w? would 5w do i think i have some?
  3. Hi, was wondering what oils to use in my cota 200 restoration project? and does anyone have a cota 200 manual? any help appreciated! Chris
  4. I may replace the both wheels in time, on the back wheel some spokes are broke and one of the spokes is missing on the rear as the hub is broken, what size are the original wheels? i will check the front, but they could do with being refurbished/repaired at least if possible will need a new set of shocks and the forks serviced as there is not alot of movement in them
  5. do you know what model from the frame and engine number 29m02410 ?
  6. That is the frame number mate because it is the same as the one on the engine, and im not too worried about it not running as the guy i was given by said it went, then the carb seized and he left it off, so im ot too worried it wont go, more that something hass got in the top end... ill take the head off and inspect. the front wheel spindle nut is missing aswell as he was going to replace the tube and never finished it i dont think they are the original wheels, they look too big and the rear is tubless, front is tubed
  7. Hi everyone I got this , what i believe to be a cota 200, for free I have many questions and would like to know where i could ource a manual. This bike has not run in around 5 year, and the carb was taken off as it was seized and never returned, so it has been left open, the engine is not sezed, it seems complete, apart from the carb and airbox, it even has an ancient pair of renthals I ordered a new set of points and a condensor, as it was only 20 quid As you can see, you cant make out the frame number very well, an d if the paint was to come of, you would not see it atall, so where is the engine number? I am going to buy a carb, but where can i get an airbox? Here are some pics
  8. does anyone know th procedure for rebuilding these forks, i see yu can get new fork springs and seals from in motion, and what fork oil would i use?
  9. Where do i get a compreesion releas from, do you mean a decompresson lever? and how do you fit it?
  10. can i post images on this just out of curiosity?
  11. Hi i have just joined as i a getting a cota 348(mayb 349) i think off my neighbour for free, it is seized and without a carb but i am going to restore it, i dont think it has been going for about 10 years and has always been sat in his garage any time ive been about(im 15), only problem being, cant get a hold of the manual, does anyone have one they could photocopy or email or message through this to me as i would be happier stripping my first trials engine with a manual. any tips for these engines would help and keep an eye on this thread as i will post when i get it with questions or help i need
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