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  1. I bought a PWK two years ago for my 04, but have been procrastinating installing it because it is a 28mm and I was concerned that I might lose low end throttle response.

    Another problem is adapting the larger PWK inlet bell to the Monty air boot so I'm curious about your installation. Can you post pictures of your installation?

    my neighbour machined me this reducer out of a nylon billet its on the same lines as ones on sale to overcome the same problem fitting pwk's to fantic's all you do is use some liquid metal or upoxy glue to hold it on the carb


  2. after 4 events running at 3psi and walls not showing any signs of cracking, a small amount of wear after sundays trial, holds its pressure all week.

    either im lucky or other people have had tyres from bad batches, or fundamentally bad rim's/valves


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  3. im trying out a gecko at the mo and so far quite impressed with it, only done 3 events on it so far but the last was a real tyre tester (mud roots rocks and bloody wet) and it coped with it very well.

    I've allways run IRC's on my twinshocks and love em, my supplier said that gt had had some problems with some tyres but told him that mine was from a fresh batch so hopefully mine will be ok.

    will keep you posted on how it wears and so on

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  4. hi ollie,

    always something to ride in your neck of the woods, lyn torridge and exmoor all run great trials there is also Moretonhampstead http://www.moretontrials.co.uk/, West Of England http://www.westofenglandmc.co.uk/ both worth a look and if you dont mind travelling a bit there is also amca clubs Launceston www.launcestonmcc.co.uk and Holsworthy www.holsworthymotorclub.co.uk also if you into classic trials theres South West Classic Trials and even more in cornwall if you're feeling really brave! haha prob missed a few clubs out somewhere too i expect

    https://sites.google...ertonmotorclub/ https://sites.google...rcycleclub/home

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  5. that does look nice, wonder if that's a modified TLR tank / seat, would be interesting to know.

    Just wondered Maxbikes, how the gearing on the CG engine works for trials, I have an engine that I intend to rebuild one day as my TL has the cam shaft rattle but wasn't sure if the gearing would be too far spaced.


    I saw the bike 2 weeks ago it now lives on the edge of Exmoor looks lovely in the flesh but has the wrong carb on it and doesn't run quite right at the moment,i will find out what tank unit it is when I see the bloke probably this weekend, as for the cg gearing the tl's 1st 2nd and 3rd gears are close together for trials 4th and 5th are road gears would have thought cg gears were to high and to far spaced I had a tl years ago and if my memory is right I ran 10t 52t sprockets and only needed 1st gear in real tight sections as it was so low geared

  6. I'm thinking of changing the carb, is the oko one worth considering or is anyone running a 315 with a different carb

    im running a 26mm oko powerjet carb on mine, jetted roughly the same as the old dellorto but ended up changing the 2.5 slide to a 3 from a keihin pwk

  7. thank you lineaway, I had emailed Armstrong about it but had no reply back until today and like you said its the inner most plug :thumbup:

    There are two hex headed bolts on the underside of the engine on the left hand side as you sit on the bike. The oil drain is the inner of the two, but the outer is just the neutral detent cap, so it wouldn't be a disaster if you accidentally removed it. Don't over tighten the bolt - it is quite a short thread and I have seen many stripped ones! I havn't seen any with allen heads, so maybe yours have been changed?

    'hope this helps



  8. the putoline oil that im using is sae 75w so if Castrol do something like that it will be ok, as for the clutch I got away with only changing the friction plates the steel plates were like new in mine, but remember to coat new friction plates in oil before you fit them

  9. first thing don't use ATF been there done that one, mine used to drag so I ended up fitting new CR 250 plates in it and now use putoline light gear oil problem solved its lovely and smooth with no grab, as for the steel plates being discoloured yes they have got hot but as long as they are not warped shouldn't cause a problem

  10. You are correct for asking, one is the drain, the other is the de-dent with a spring for the shift drum. The bolt should be the drum, the hex should be the oil. Let`s see if someone else has an opinion..

    just my luck both are hex and worn so cant undo either one, looking at the engine diagrams it look's to me its the outer of the two will wait and see what else is said :thumbup:
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