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  1. Unless the bike's are spec'd differently in the UK I'm not aware of separate Factory and Factory Light versions - at least as far as the 2014's are concerned. In the US all 2014 Factory's have magnesium engine cases. Per Beta this saves 2 Kg over the standard cases. In addition the '14 Factory bikes come equipped with Michelin Trial X-Light Competition tires and a titanium header pipe as standard. Since the Factory versions are about 5 pounds lighter than the standard Evo's I reckon these are the primary differences that account for the weight savings. So saying, part of the confusion is probably the result of Beta releasing pictures of the Factory models shown with optional (and included) accessories installed. For instance, the red billet yokes. The bike ships with these same yokes but they are anodized black. Most pictures depict the bike with red aluminum bar ends. These come in box full of accessories which include a magnetic lanyard, rear view mirror, a horn kit, a cheesy bicycle speedo, and stickers for the wheel rims - all of which must be installed by the end user. The red silicone water hoses come standard and are factory installed. They can be ordered separately from Beta to replace the OEM hoses that come on the standard Evo's ($90 in purchased directly from Beta in US). Hope this helps.
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    2012 EVO 2T's: http://www.betausa.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2012Support/Parts%20Diagrams/Mototrial/Full%20Size/2012%20Evo%20125-300%202%20stroke.pdf 2012 EVO 4T's: http://www.betausa.com/sites/default/files/pdf/2012%20Evo%20250-300%204T.pdf Hyperlinks to Parts Diagrams, Owner's Manuals, Accessory Instructions, Torque Values, etc. can be found on the US Beta site at: http://www.betausa.com/node/708 Good luck.
  3. That last sentence sure comes as welcome news Dan! I'm supposed to receive a 2014 300 Factory this Thursday or Friday. This will be my first trials bike and, yes, I realize it's extreme overkill for a trials novice! I would have been happy starting out with the 200 but could not find one new or used. The few used bikes that have popped up on Craigslist in the last couple months have been a late model GasGas 125 for $6K, a couple TY basket cases, an '12 Ossa for $5K, etc. I ride a KTM 150 XC & Husqvarna TXC310R presently and when I went to KTMTalk in frustration to ask for suggestions a KTM and new Beta dealer in Wisconsin offered to sell me his 300 Factory demo unit for $7,200 OTD with shipping to Texas included. It's supposed to have approximately 3 easy hours on it from being ridden behind his shop. From the pictures sent it looks mint except for a barely perceptible 3/8" scratch on the top on the silencer (which he disclosed verbally and followed up with multiple pictures to make sure I'm aware of it). I was pleasantly surprised to discover there's a trials association in my area, NTTA. I have reached out to them and they seem only too happy to help me learn the ropes. I'm also thankful to have Trails Central as a resource to learn more about my bike and trials skills in general. Lastly I must comment on how impressed I've been with the trials community in general. Everyone I have spoke to over the last couple of months has bent over backwards to be helpful and welcome me to the sport. Most refreshingly their passions seem squarely focused on the comradery and the sport itself rather than on what brand of bike one rides or other inconsequential matters. Sadly that mindset is rather uncommon today when it comes to other two-wheeled motor sports or endeavours. So as an outsider for at least a couple more days couple days, I big tip of my full-face Shoei MX helmet to the trials community for all the help I've received (proper trials helmet is on order).
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