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  1. Yeah that was my dad at the miller round they not banned as such just has to be ridden on a non award baisis
  2. trials27

    Project 8X4

    A fair few people are building these now. I also know there will be another very shortly
  3. I'm struggling with the position of the rear brake after moving the footrests back. How have people modified the rear brake after moving the footrests. Pictures Would be great. Cheers Ben
  4. unfortunately in not into indie maybe a bit before my time. its going to be a very interesting weekend as I've never ridden the bike before but very much looking forward to it. defiantly going to feel like a novice.
  5. Also no 2 years are the same level of difficultness
  6. Clubman route its like sitting on a tank
  7. Well I've dusted off the Matchless Rigid and its ready for action.
  8. Will See you there Ken im sure your have your banter ready for the weekend.
  9. And the keyboard warriors appear from their sheds
  10. Oh and the topic has been bought back to life again.
  11. Id like to know were this ended up would love to buy it back. Ben
  12. I have been riding my supercub that Jon built me last year and I have to say it's the best fun I've had in years. In all the trials I ride it in I've. Not had any complaint... well not to my face anyway. The compliments are always there from the older generation of riders, nice to see young person riding ,what a great idea the bike is etc. I will be taking my super cub over to belgium this Easter to compete in there twin shock.trial there. Until the rules. Are changed and my bike is no longer allowed It will be ridden at every chance possible
  13. That costwold BSA is infact my dads old bike.
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