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  1. boofy

    Hour tacho meter

    Thanks guys👍
  2. boofy

    Hour tacho meter

    Hi guys, anyone recommend a decent hour /tachometer for 4rt, to check tickover and hours of use, thanks
  3. Use putoline gp10 in gear box as factory riders use, atf can swell plates. ?
  4. boofy

    Air box rubber

    Does anyone make a soft rubber or silicone connection from air box to carb 2014 txt? Need to replace mine and if soft one available could possibly remove carb without removing rear section, thanks for any advice?
  5. the filter is oiled every time, I'll get some foam and check back of air box, thanks for reply ?
  6. I've been getting water in air box and carb 2014 raga replica, it's got the flap screwed on top of air box, it seems to be coming over from the front when riding in streams, has anyone else had this and how to cure would be useful, didn't seem to get last winter so not sure why now, any help gratefully received, thanks
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