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  1. Hoi, Heb je ondertussen al een battery pack gekocht? Indien niet samen kopen? Grts Gilles
  2. I assume this should be OK too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lithium-Ionen-Akkupack-fur-Oset-Trial-Bike-48V-22-5Ah-1080Wh-Scooter-E-Bike-50A/283754844334?hash=item42111b50ae:g:C~wAAOSwDOVeSqCY
  3. too bad they don't have it in 48V spec ? But I ran into this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lithium-Ionen-Akkupack-fur-Oset-Trial-Bike-48V-22-5Ah-1080Wh-Scooter-E-Bike-50A/283754844334?hash=item42111b50ae:g:C~wAAOSwDOVeSqCY Seems OK right?
  4. Hello Yrocmoto, Can you keep us updated regarding this battery upgrade please? I just bought a new 20.0 2020 and not happy with 20min riding time of my 9year old kid. Its mix between offroad and obstakels. Because of corona we cant ride with his KTM 65 for the time beeing ? On the other hand I would be interested in knowing someone who bought a HK solution. So recent shoppinglist would be great because most are bit older and for 24V or 36V. But I assume doing 2 x 24V pack in series would give me 48V pack? Thanks guys!
  5. tha Raffa project is finalizing! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/raffe-mini-electric-mx-bikes-50cc-2t-competitive#/ Finally a good and powerful electric MX alternative...
  6. Yes I think it looks good but it wont go pretty fast and long. But a good (better compare to Oset 16") base for tuning ;-)
  7. Hey Redline, I think this E12 Enduro would be better upgrade compared to the Kuberg Cross. Regarding chassis. http://www.nonstopmotoren.com/nl/torrot/item/torrot-e12-enduro-2?category_id=19 I'm delaying my eMX project because we bought a KTM SX50 2013. I know shame on me greetings
  8. You guys seen these? http://www.nonstopmotoren.com/nl/torrot grtz
  9. haha but he weights maybe 10Kg? :-) Did you measure the Amps with the stock Oset controller? @40V it should be average 20A and 30A at starts? What about temp of the motor? 50A is the max Amps you measure or rather average? Donno how the config works.... My kid weighs 21kg now. I'm considering buying the Kelly controller anyway for the little extra power and better throttle respons. But maybe straight for higher model for future projects. KDS72200E,200A,24V-72V, Mini Brushed Controller Whats the single control box for in Kelly controller webshop? (see pic) I only need Kelly RS232 Converter and Cable and Standard USB to RS232 for programming? Did you change the whole wiring for the higher current? Greets
  10. Hello, Anyone here has positive experience in recovering a LiPO batt with 1 defective cell? I read you have to charge it in NcCd function without the ballance connector. But I really have no tension at all in the dead cell. The dead cell is not swollen.... Shall I try or just recycle it.... Greets
  11. What do you guys think of this? http://www.goldenmotor.com/eMotorcycle/frame-emotor.htm I already found a donor :-) 50€
  12. Hmm can you repeat that in less technical language :-) So I would need the revolt motor, Kelly controller, throttle, wiring. Then transmission: reduction necessary or does it depend on the front and rear sprocket? If this is affordable I'll look for making my own electric MX. Suspension of the Oset 16" is really crap compared to the KTM's , even PW50's... PS: the throttle of our 16" is dead. Its 2011 model. Will any ebay throttle do? Hall type? http://www.benl.ebay.be/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=NEW+ELECTRIC+SCOOTER+%26+E-+BIKE+THROTTLE+GRIP+1-4.1V&_sacat=0 http://www.benl.ebay.be/sch/i.html?_odkw=NEW+ELECTRIC+SCOOTER+%26+E-+BIKE+THROTTLE+GRIP+1-4.1V&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=E-+BIKE+THROTTLE+GRIP+hall&_sacat=0 thanks!
  13. 5h with a 15Ah?? that's huge. your kid weights how much then? I'm thinking of buying a Kelly controller too then. What do I need to buy extra for the configuration of the throttle and current? btw: you seen the price of the OSET MX10 https://www.alfa8.bike/OSET-MX-10 They are nuts!
  14. Ahh that sounds good :-) In corners he's ok but on the straights the speed difference with the KTM's is to big. haha Whats your running time? 10Ah? You got info which Kelly controller I need? Tried the Revolt already? Is there a good package with +/-2kw: motor+controller. I'm lost in all those China offers :-( I would try and install it in a pitbike chassis.... greetings
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