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  1. well here are my Montesa's 2x 315r and the 2015 4rt brilliant bikes
  2. Aye Gary is a sound guy the 4rt i have was actually his own bike which he done a good bit of work too make it better than when it came out the factory. Yeah should be able to sort something out when home offshore for next few weeks yet! Cheers
  3. Ah right cool that's good got couple of places! I was up at one of the beginners days a while ago after speaking to Gary at HLS but just watching with a mate pretty good place!
  4. Hey I'm just a novice to be honest I just go out and trek about really! I was looking to join up myself idmcc but every time there seems to be something on I'm either offshore or just about to travel offshore a day or so later so not a good idea me doing anything just incase the worst happens! Maybe be able to sort something out sometime get a ride out! You got somewhere through your way to go?
  5. Hi and welcome! Nice to see another highlander im from Inverness myself. I had a 2002 Sherco few years back which my 1st trials bike and liked it very much but then i went away from that to Downhill mountain biking for a few years but now back to trials. Currently have 2 x Montesa 315r's and a 2015 4rt.
  6. Hi and welcome to the Forum! Nice to see others from the Inverness area im from Inverness myself got 2 x Montesa 315r's and a 2015 4rt! Had a friend that recently had a Beta for a while pretty good bike. My Montesa's are bad with sticky clutch's from cold especially when left for over a month at a time while im away working! 10 acres of land to mess about on must be heaven especially around our area very lucky that is for sure!
  7. Hi and welcome from Inverness defo a good way to get fit!
  8. Thanks for the Reply Big John yeah I've seen and heard of the clubs from Gary Coward of highland leisure sport whom I bought my 4rt from in fact it was his bike. Going to look into them but seems I am always out of the country when trials are on so was just looking on here to see if there are any local guys who know of places to go practice , ride outs etc Cheers again Mark
  9. Hi all just getting into trials again over the last couple of years nothing major as I work away quite a lot out of the country. Currently have 2 Montesa 315r's and just bought a 2015 4rt last time home which I love what a bike it is! Just wondering anyone else local too me?? Will add a couple of pics!!
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