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  1. Teeter totter I can do, however if I dig a deep hole up here it's liable to fill with water, might not be a bad idea!!
  2. Cheers guys - dragged the pallets, old digger bucket and scaffold planks over there this afternoon and had a bit of fun, will need to start screwing the palettes together though they are a bit "fluid". Ourian, I already have a very steep, side sloping and covered with bracken hill I am riding, the donkeys made a path through there last winter and now I am riding the same way!
  3. Ok so I am in the lucky position that i have a fair bit of ground and my own excavator so I fancy making my own section to practice on. Anyone got any tips? What should I build first, currently my skill level is limited to full lock turns and hopping the front so nothing too technical. Would also love to see what you guys have built for home practice. I also have a large amount of pallets so getting height shouldn't be too difficult either. Thanks in advance!
  4. Ok, so I have had a day off work today and just completed this, I cannot believe the difference!! This is my first trials bike (99 techno) and the clutch stick when cold was so severe the bike would try to climb a wall with the clutch pulled in. Lauded the bike on its side and pulled the plates and steels. It's the first time I have ever removed a clutch from anything. The pads were almost indistinguishable from the plates due to the glue. Cue 4 hrs with the needle files and everything all cleaned up and reinstalled. Once I restarted the bike the clutch now doesn't cold stick at all, also the engagement is 100% smoother. I can't thank you all enough for the help!!
  5. Epic, cheers Bilks that makes everything clear now! Thank you very much I appreciate your help.
  6. Ah I also have about 10 acres of my own with woods and a river so space to play is not an issue!
  7. Hi all, my first trials bike turned up today (1999 Beta Techno),mad bikes all my life but my trials experience is limited to jumping on my mates gas gas jtr at work and promptly twisting the throttle wide open with the inevitable result...... Bike came from Yorkshire and jeez I could have done with a friendly face around to show me how to start it but I got there in the end my st be 30 yrs since I kick started a bike! The clutch stick from cold is savage and I read with interest the fix in the sticky, only prob is the have no idea where to drain or fill the clutch from!! I am sure it will come to me, I have seen the parts manuals on sites but not an owner manual? Trials central looks like a great place, despite the clutch I am very happy with the techno, ideal starter bike!!
  8. Hi Alex, welcome, I am just outside Nairn and work around the distilleries so often down your way.
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