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  1. That didn't last long..... Decided to part out the last 85 and move forward withe the 86 build. It'll be a different bike than my other two..... Parting this one out... Frame ready to go to the powder coater..... It will be black.
  2. jas

    Point Gap, Ty80

    I have misplaced my manual and I am wondering if anyone can give me the proper point gap for a 1974 TY80. Thanks, JAS
  3. Anyone know if there is a place (preferably in the USA) that can rebuild a mono shock, shock absorber? Thanks, Jim
  4. Got one cylinder with a perfect bore.
  5. Picked up another TY350 today, loaded with spares, including an NOS std bore piston and rings! Score!!
  6. Sweet, thank you! I have some 4043.
  7. I have a couple broken fins on a Mono cylinder, I'd like to repair them but I'm not sure if the parent material is aluminum or magnesium. I know the side covers are magnesium but not sure about the finned cylinder. If anyone knows which it is, please let me know. Thanks, Jim
  8. Well.... Restoration on hold now, I just bought another 85 so.... 3 running TY350's is enough for now!
  9. Hmmmm, that might be the way to go! This should probably be a custom build rather than a restoration.... Anyone have p/n's for the caged rollers and steel bushings for the swing arm? Also need p/n's for the shock assembly bushings. Thanks in advance.
  10. Here I go again, trying to talk myself into or out of another motorcycle restoration. I've already started on the engine and I had been debating on keeping it as a "spare" but I have the frame it came out of.... So toying with the idea of jumping in on another one. Any words of encouragement or discouragement would be appreciated. I am missing the following parts: Fuel tank, seat, front wheel, front axel, and the brake light switch.
  11. I understand that in 1986 improvements to the TY frame were made, anyone know just what they are? Thanks
  12. What are you running for gearbox oil in your TY250 or 350?
  13. Yeah, not sure what they were thinking. I got it from a friend that bought it out of California a few years ago. It's an excellent running and riding bike.
  14. Yes, that will be done to this engine too. This engine is off my "parts bike" but the more I think about it, the more I am leaning toward making the "parts bike" a complete bike.... Not too much missing, front wheel, tank and seat and it would be complete. Might be kind of weird to have 3 complete TY350's though..... I have yet to pull the flywheel cover on the white framed TY, I'm thinking there have been some engine mods to it, it runs much different than the 84 stock bike I've had for years. Previous owner didn't have much info on it and he maybe rode it 10 minutes in the 3 years that he owned it.
  15. I will rebuild the lower end myself, I have found everything I need, including that crank on eBay ;-) I figured I'd do the stuff I am fully capable of and let Bob do the rest.
  16. Not sure, upon further inspection I decided to just send him the head, reed cage, and cylinder for a port job, reed job, head job and piston kit.
  17. Spoke with Bob @ B&J Racing this morning, it's headed his way to become a seriously built engine....
  18. the cylinder and piston got pulled years ago. They were boxed and set on a shelf.
  19. TY350, sat open out in the weather for a bit, crank is stuck transmission is free, I have the rest of the parts minus the wrist pin. Bore and piston are perfect. If it's worth rebuilding I'll send it to B&J Racing, just looking for opinions.... I know, it's a crime but I'm not the one who did this!
  20. Anyone know if new piston rings are available for a standard bore stock piston TY350? Thanks, Jimmy
  21. Ok, thanks! I figured they probably were good. I sent them a head and reed block for re-work. Can't wait to get them on the new TY!
  22. Ha, K2 used to build skis about 3 miles from my house, the son of the original owner lives a few doors down from me. I wish I had a pic of my K2 ski bench on here, I'd post it....
  23. Getting ready to send my head and cylinder to BJ Racing. I have bought many parts from them but never had any machine work done. Also thinking of sending a carb and reed block to them for work. Anyone here had experiences with their porting and head work. They seem to be good honest guys from my parts dealings. Thanks
  24. jas

    Show Us Your Ty

    Yes, yes she does!
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